Monopoly – You’re in the Money Plus Slot

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements : 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements : 35
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The Monopoly – You’re in the Money Plus slot is a 5-reel, 30 pay line online slot game from IGT. It’s one of the latest slots based on the world-famous board game that has been ruining family get-togethers since 1933. The board game also imparts sound financial intelligence to small children, including the knowledge that you can escape prison if you have enough cash, or can throw a double.

All the reel symbols in this game are tokens and illustrations from the board game that everyone will no doubt recognise. All 30 pay lines are in play at all times, and you can choose your line bet from 0.01 to 0.50. You hit ‘spin’ to set the game in motion, and to win one of the prizes available you need to land at least three identical symbols in sequence from the left hand line on a pay line.

Payout & bonus rounds

Payouts start at 4x for five hats, cars or dogs, to 1,500x for five ‘Monopoly Wild’ symbols.

The Monopoly Wild symbol substitutes for all token, utility, train, house and hotel symbols.

From then on in, things get a little complicated. Monopoly – You’re in the Money Plus has so many features and bonuses that if this review were to list them all, reading it would take you longer than playing a game of Monopoly!

Some of the main features and bonuses are as follows:

The ‘Level Up Plus’ allows you to climb from ‘Entrepreneur’ to ‘Titan’ level by earning Monopoly money. You can earn Monopoly money by entering the Board Bonus game, which you achieve by landing a ‘Board Bonus’ symbol on the outer two and central reels. You then select one of the symbols to uncover how many rolls you have won.

Play then switches to a full-sized Monopoly board. You get to select your pieces and then roll the dice. Depending on how well you do, you earn Monopoly money – for example M5 for landing on WaterWorks or the Electric Company, or M15 for landing on Mayfair. With each dice roll you receive one spin on a mini three-reel fruity, where you win real cash for landing houses and hotels.

Levelling up in the game has its benefits. At the maximum Titan level two properties on the bonus board become hot and landing on them triples your cash reward.

There are many more features, and the game comes with a short video to explaining how to play.

If you don’t mind sticking with the same slot during one playing session, then you’ll enjoy Monopoly – You’re in the Money Plus. The rewards for extended play are excellent, and the many mini-games great fun, plus you don’t get paid in just Monopoly money!