Hong Kong Tower Slot

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements : 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements : 35
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Hong Kong Tower is a 5-reel, 99-pay line online slots game from ELK Studios. At first, this slots does not look remarkable – it's a typical online slots game with symbols arranged in a 5×3 grid (although the playing area does take up around ninety percent of the screen). On further examination though, the game does have a couple of features the likes of which we don't think we have encountered elsewhere.

First up, this slot has ninety-nine pay lines. Nothing unusual in that, you might think, except in how these pay lines are created. Basically, a pay line is any line from the left hand reel that can be constructed from symbols being adjacent to each other either horizontally or diagonally. So a symbol on the top row on reel one is not on a pay line with the same symbol on the bottom row on reel two, for example.

The second is the option of using an automated betting strategy as you play. There are four betting strategies available – optimizer, leveller, booster and jumper – and each will increase or decrease your bet depending upon your performance and how the reels are rolling. How you feel about this idea is entirely up to you, and it must be said that these strategies are purely optional and you do not have to use any of them.

The symbols here are all Chinese-related in some way, from lotus flowers to bonsai trees. There is only one fee to pay for each spin from 0.20 to 100.00, and in effect you play with one hundred points per spin, and all ninety-nine pay lines are in play at all times. When you're ready to climb the tower, hit the spin button.

Payout & bonus rounds

The lowest paying winning combination is three of any of the same lower-paying symbols, which will pay forty coins. The highest paying symbol is the lucky seven symbol, which will win you one and a half thousand coins.

There's also a 'Hong Kong Tower' symbol which transforms into any of the other symbols when the reels stop rolling. Usually, it mutates into a symbol that is highly beneficial to the player. If it transforms into a bonus symbol, then it's worth FIVE bonus symbols on its own.

The bonus symbol triggers the 'Wheels of the Sky' bonus game. Three symbols trigger the game, four triggers with a extra life, and five with two extra lives.

There are three wheels in the 'Wheels of the Sky' bonus game, and each has an increasing value. You start on the smallest wheel and you keep on spinning, winning cash jackpots. When you hit a section of the wheel, it is emptied. If you hit a section of the wheel that has already been emptied then the game ends … unless you have extra lives. If you hit the 'level up' section on the wheel then you move to the next wheel in the sequence, until you hit the big wheel!

We applaud the way the pay lines are arranged in this game, but we're not too sure about the betting strategies feature here. Some people believe that such strategies (such as the martingale) work, but others say they should be avoided at all costs. The key here is that using a strategy for this slot is entirely optional and up to you. We suggest you get used to the basic game before you start experimenting.

Other than that, this is a handsome slot with a nice level of uniqueness, but we're afraid to say it doesn't 'tower' over any of the best slots in the business.