Gold Rally Slot

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements : 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements : 35
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Gold Rally is a 5-reel, max 8 pay line progressive jackpot online slot from Playtech. It's also one of the longest-surviving online slots available, having first surfaced as long ago in 2004. In 2012 it was given a slight make-over to bring the graphical content up to date. The slot has three reels and three rows, creating a three-by-three grid pattern. There are eight pay lines available – the three rows, the two diagonals, and the three columns.

The stats concerning the history of the jackpot offered by this slot are as follows:

  • Seeds at £75k; Biggest win: £3.9M; Average win: £542k; Average period: 6.66 weeks.

The symbols used in this game are all mining-related – lucky horseshoes, dynamite, scales, pots of gold, revolvers, lamps, pick axes and mining trucks. To win a prize you need to land three identical symbols on the same pay line. You can also win prizes by landing a single lucky horseshoe, or just two.

Your coin size in this game is fixed at £2, but you can select any number of the lines you wish to play. Just press 'Bet One' to select each line, or 'Bet Max' to select all eight. When you've made your selection, hit the 'Spin' button to see if there's gold in them there reels!

Payout & bonus rounds

Payouts start at 2x your coin-size for one lucky horseshoe, and rise all the way up to 500x for three 'GR' symbols.

There are no wild symbols in this game, but there are scatters. The scales act as a scatter symbol and if you land five or more anywhere on the reels, you win a bonus prize. If you manage to completely fill the reels with scatter symbols, then you win the progressive jackpot.

The bonus feature in this game becomes available if you land a dynamite symbol at each corner. In the bonus game you are presented with a map on which are marked six locations where it's thought gold may be found. The gold digger will start digging and will uncover a cash amount to be added to your bankroll. You may uncover the progressive jackpot this way as well!

There's not a lot to this game, and even with those updated graphics we mentioned earlier, it's an online slot that's fallen greatly behind the times. The jackpot is won on a regular basis though, usually for around £500k although it has exceeded seven figures several times. If you want to see if you can uncover the gold of a progressive jackpot, then 'Gold Rally' sure is one way of achieving this.