Gemix Slot

Exclusive: 100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements : 20
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Gemix is a slot from Play'n GO with a 'reel' difference, although if you've ever played Bejeweled you'll be in very familiar surroundings. This 'slot' has seven rows and seven 'reels', although they are not strictly reels. Every time you hit the 'Start' button the playing area clears, and lots of new symbols tumble down to take their places on the grid. The idea of the game is not to land rows or fill pay lines with the same symbol, but to land groups of symbols. A group is where each symbol is touching its identical neighbour either horizontally or vertically, and the bigger the group, the more you win.

There are seven symbols in total, ranging from a blue lozenge to a golden star. There are also hearts, moons, flowers, hexagons, squares and triangles. When you do win a 'group', all symbols in the winning group disappear and are replaced by more symbols that tumble down from above, with the possibilty that they will trigger more wins.

You can choose your coin size per 'spin' from 0.01 to 100, and of course the more you gamble, the bigger any prize payouts.

Payout & bonus rounds

The blue lozenge is the lowest payout in Gemix. You need to land at least five, and it wins 0.1x your coin size. The most welcome gem is the gold star, which wins 1,000x for fifteen or more in the same group.

The 'Crystal Charge' meter sits at the side of the screen and begins to glow as you gain wins. Each re-trigger causes it to glow more, but once the triggering stops it dims again. If you manage to light it fully you are awarded one of the following bonuses:

  • Nova Blast – A symbol explodes, destroying and transforming adjacent symbols
  • Crystal Warp – One symbol becomes the target and all matching symbols warp into other symbols
  • Light Beam – One symbol shoots beams of light, transforming other symbols
  • Chain Lightning – Two corners are connected by lightning and all symbols in the way are transformed

These are three different 'worlds' in this game, and you progress from one to the next by creating wins. There is a specific pattern on the grid, and each time a square in this pattern features in a win, it is lit up. Light up all the squares in the pattern and you progress to the next world.

Each world has its own specific features and wild symbols. What the wild symbols actually do is dependent upon which world you are currently in.

Gemix truly is a slot like no other, and has been gaining a lot of interested players ever since its launch. It both plays well and looks really nice, although it's a little difficult to understand just what is going on sometimes until you get used to it. It certainly makes for a refreshing difference from multi payline, 5-reel slots, although once you've reached the final world, interest levels might start to tail off. It's certainly fun and can be thrilling once the gems start to cascade. Why not try this 'gemix' of a game yourself?