Emoji Planet Slot

Emoji Planet is a six-reel, five-row 'infinite' pay line slot from NetEnt. With cunning coincidence-ness, this slot has been released to coincide with the arrival of 'The Emoji Movie' at cinemas – an animated tale of those little critters you add to the end of texts and other online messages in order to convey emotions. Let's hope this slot obtains a better reception than the one the movie received.

This game is not a slot in the 'usual' sense in two crucial respects. Firstly, there are six 'reels' (or columns) and five rows, and the symbols cascade down into place rather than roll. Secondly you gain wins by obtaining groups of matching symbols, rather than rows. A group of symbols is one where all the symbols touch each other either vertically or horizontally (not diagonally). You need to land a group of at least five matching symbols to score a win, and all winning symbols disappear once highlighted to be replaced by others, possibly triggering new wins.

There are eight emojis in play – the 'laughing with tears' emoji, alien, poop, rocket, lipstick kiss, pizza, bomb and double heart. Some of these emojis are 'more special' then others, as explained later on.

To get things in motion in this game you need to choose your coin value. Any value from 0.01 to 1.00 is available. A single wager costs twenty coins, but you can enhance things by choosing your bet level from one to ten. Your final wager per spin costs your coin size multiplied by your bet level multiplied by twenty. When you're ready to smiley face smiley face poop thumbs up pizza angry face, hit the spin button.

Payout & bonus rounds

The cheapest emojis here are the two heart and bomb emojis. A cluster of five of those wins you five coins. Top of the emoji class is the crying face emoji. If you manage to fill the whole screen with these, you will win ten thousand coins.

A star is the wild symbol in this game. It substitutes for all other symbols.

There are five emoji meters – bomb, pizza, lipstick kiss, rocket and double heart. As you land symbols during cascade wins the meters fill up. If they fill up completely you are awarded the associated feature as listed below. Note that the meters empty at the start of each spin – it's only during cascading wins that they continue to fill.

  • Bomb feature – eight random symbols are destroyed and a coin win of between five and one hundred awarded for each destroyed symbol
  • Pizza feature – a 3×3 grid of a randomly chosen symbols appears on the grid
  • Kiss Mark feature – three sticky wilds appear in random positions. Each wild has three lives, and when it forms part of a winning combination it loses a life then vanishes when all lives have been lost.
  • Rocket feature – a stack of ten wilds appears on one of the reels.
  • Two Hearts feature – the total win is multiplied by the number of times the meter has filled, plus one.

This game would be an instant great if it was not for one thing – the ever-changing background. There are two devil girls on a cloud that keep 'dancing' and Gonzo (from Gonzo's Quest) habitually pops his head into view. This soon becomes EXTREMELY annoying! Other than that, this is a wonderful 'slot' (if it can be called a slot) that becomes genuinely thrilling when the cascade wins start appearing. Sometimes such wins seem to go on for a huge length of time, racking up the coins. Our final verdict? šŸ˜€