Birds! Slot

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements : 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements : 35
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Birds! is a charming and slightly bewildering (and bemusing) slot from Betsoft. This hyper-cute slot does away with all those usual aspects of slots – such as symbols, reels and pay lines. Instead, the 'symbols' used in this game are all birdies of the loveable, fluffy variety. Instead of the reels you have three wires that are stretched between two lamposts. Whenever you hit the 'spin' button, fifteen birds fly off the wires, and fifteen new birds replace them.

Instead of winning lines of birds, you have to gather winning groups of birds. Every bird of the same species forms a group as long as it is immediately above, below, to the left or to the right of an identical feathered fellow. The bigger the group, the bigger the prize. When you do gather a group, one of the birds performs a little celebration, then all of the birds from the group flap off. The remaining birds jump down to replace the departees, and new birds fly in to fill the gaps.

Your choice of coin can be anything from 0.02 to 1.00, and each spin costs you twenty five coins. You can also choose your bet level from one to five – this multiplies your total wager. When you're ready to go bird-spotting, hit the spin button.

Payout & bonus rounds

The cheapest chaps in this game are the white birds and black birds – they both score double your coin size, and you earn one 'double up' per bird in your winning group. The yellow bird with a bit of a hair thing going on wins you one hundred coins per birdie.

A very colourful birdie is wild in this game. He is happy to substitute for any other bird, which is lovely of him!

Every cascade win you secure will shove the 'free flights meter' on the left-hand side of the screen up one notch, although it resets back to zero when your cascade wins come to an end. You can win eight free 'flights' (i.e. spins) by landing four cascade wins, a dozen free flights for five and twenty for six. If you go above seven, then you win fourteen plus the number of flights you triggered (so eight wins you 14 + 8 = 22 freebies).

You can gamble all wins on a 'double of quits basis' by tossing a golden coin.

The graphics, music and sound effects in the game are all absolutely top drawer stuff. You even get fluttering noises as the birds fly in, and when the birdies get bored they all do little party pieces to keep things entertaining. This truly is another outstanding slot by the guys at Betsoft. There's definitely no sign of Betsoft going to the birds just yet, and this game is everything it's cracked up to be!