Aliens Slot

Exclusive: 200% up to £500 Wagering Requirements : 35
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£400 welcome bonus + 100 spins Wagering Requirements : 35
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The Aliens slot is a 5-reel, 15 pay line online slot from NetEnt. The game is themed around the 'Alien' franchise, which so far has spawned three sequels, two ropey crossovers with the 'Predator' franchise and a confusing two-hour snooze-fest called “Prometheus'. The story began with 'Alien' in 1979 when the crew of a mining spaceship landed on a supposedly uninhabited planet and brought back along with them a very nasty and most unwelcome stowaway.

To play this amazing slots game you need a solid disposition and a graphics card on your PC or laptop capable of rendering in 3D. The game simply won't load if you haven't the necessary hardware.

The symbols in the game are all various stages of the 'Xenomorph' (funky name for an alien). A basic win is achieved by landing three identical symbols in sequence on one of the 15 pay lines from the left hand reel.

Payout & bonus rounds

Forget all you think you know about video slots as 'Aliens' is truly a slots game like no other. The game has three separate levels named 'The Search', 'The Encounter' (which sounds extremely ominous) and 'The Hive' (which sounds even worse).

Level 1 – The Search

This is the main game. The aim of the game is to search for and collect multipliers (x2 up to x14) as indicated on the 'Alien Activity Meter' above the playing area. Each win activates a multiplier, and a loss deactivates one. Once all nine are activated you move to the second part of the game.

Level 2 – The Encounter

In the second section it's time to get up close and personal with the slimy nasties, but first you need to collect ammo clips, which you do by spinning reels. If you are unlucky enough to run out of ammo clips then it's munching time …

Level 3 – The Hive

All you have to do now is kill the Alien Queen, whom is as big as a bus and about as cheerful as one. You can annoy her even more by shooting her eggs and lobbing grenades at her. If you succeed in despatching her majesty to alien heaven, you win 240x your bet size.

NetEnt's Aliens stands truly unique amongst slots, with astounding graphic and riveting game-play. Go and play it now! Just don't play it in the dark!