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Where would the gambling world be without Microgaming? The number of online slots would dwindle significantly, that's a given! Microgaming have led the online gambling world, right from their creation in the early 1990s. This Isle of Man based company opened the first online casino in 1994, and haven't really looked back since. There are responsible for countless titles, including classics such as Thunderstruck 2, Avalon and The Dark Knight.

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If you know anything about online gambling, then you'll know that Microgaming are to online casinos and online slots as Google are to search, and McDonalds are to hamburgers.

Microgaming began in 1994 as an internet casino, but quickly discovered they were going to make much more money creating and licensing online casino software, than running their own gambling venture.

Since then, Microgaming have been providing the very best in casino software – table games, arcade games, video poker and of course Microgaming slots. They even run their own poker room – the only casino software company aside from Playtech to do so.

Over five hundred casinos across the world wide web host Microgaming's software, and all of them offer slots from Microgaming's massive portfolio of entertaining slots classics.

Microgaming – the kings of the progressive jackpot

When slots moved into the electronic age, some casino bright spark (working for IGT) eventually had the idea of linking machines together to create progressive jackpots. These links were made between identical slot machines in the same casino, or even identical slots across multiple sites.

Every quarter that was pumped into one of these machines made a small contribution towards the linked slots' top jackpot prize. This jackpot would build and build (hence 'progressive') and would eventually pay out when one of the linked machines landed the right, jackpot-winning sequence.

Some jackpots were won daily, but others rolled over and rolled over until the jackpot reached $1 million+ before it paid out. Progressive jackpot slots became hugely popular, as people could win stupendous amounts of cash from a tiny outlay.

Microgaming were the first software company to move this idea online. They created the first-ever online progressive slot with a linked jackpot, which was called 'Cash Splash'. Every player playing Cash Splash at any of the dozens of online casinos it was offered at would contribute towards the progressive jackpot with each spin of the reels.

Cash Splash was such a success that Microgaming followed it up with a few more online slots with progressive jackpots. The biggest of them all is the amazing Mega Moolah Mega, which paid out a staggering £5,882,594 in December 2012 to a lucky chap at Butler's Bingo. If you think that's a wallet-busting amount, at the time of writing the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot has not been won for nearly five months and stands at a knicker-wetting £9,669,790.

A handful of Microgaming's top slots

Microgaming have been making slots for over twenty years now, and have come up with countless top titles. Here we take a look at three of them.

Jurassic Park

There's no other online slots game that packs in so much bite. Microgaming's monster of a game stunned the online gambling world when it was released in the summer of 2014. The game is of course based on the hugely popular 1993 movie which upped the ante considerably for CGI effects, with its 'realistic' depiction of dinosaurs. The slot version of Jurassic Park was almost as ground-breaking, with its video effects and features that see the dinos stomping around the reels as they spin. For once, the appearance of the T-Rex in this game is a welcome, rather than trouser-filling sight. Upon each appearance, the 'King of the Dinosaurs' scares thirty-five symbols on the reels into wilds.

Thunderstruck II

The original Thunderstruck game was released by Microgaming in 2004 and became an instant hit, with plenty of original features. Thunderstruck was based on Norse legend and took place in Asgard. Both Odin and Thor's hammer made a striking appearance. In 2010 Microgaming released a sequel – one of the first slots to actually spawn a follow-up. Microgaming added new features and new characters to the original, including Thor's wayward semi-brother Loki. The slot also featured an incredible 243 paylines, and the progressive 'Great Hall of Spins' feature. This feature meant that the longer you played the slot during a single session, the greater the rewards became. Thunderstruck II remains one of Microgaming's most popular games.

Hot as Hades

If there's one criticism to be made about Microgaming's slots, it's that they sometimes seem to be simply clones of each other. In 2015 Microgaming released 'Hot as Hades' which slightly broke the mould when it came to the company's traditional template. Hot as Hades is a cartoon-style slot based on Ancient Greek mythology that's a lot of fun. Hades himself is the star of the slot – the king of the underworld. The game features a series of entertaining bonus games in which Hades has to tackle his godly chums – Medusa, Posiedon and Zeus – in order to win you cash prizes. Along the way he is ably aided by his three-headed dog, Cerebus.

Microgaming – still number one?

While Microgaming can still claim the online casino 'top of the slots' crown due to the amount of titles it produces, can it still claim to be number one because of the quality of its slots? Newer companies such as NetEnt and Betsoft have produced some slots the likes of which simply knock your socks off. Can the same be said of Microgaming's slots? Maybe not, but with the release of 'Hot as Hades' in the summer of 2015, there are signs that Microgaming are definitely heading in the right direction.

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