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Are you the proud owner of an iPad? Do you like playing at online casinos on your desktop PC or laptop, and especially online slots? Did you know that your iPad has the ability to become a mobile casino? You didn't? Then we here at are here to educate you!

There are dozens of online slots for you to enjoy on your iPad. Not only are online slots entertaining to play, they give you the chance of winning sizeable amounts of cash – if you're really lucky you might win enough money for that dream Caribbean holiday you've always dreamt about, or a super shiny new car! Online slots can keep you entertained on your iPad for hours as long as you're a responsible gambler.

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We're busy people these days. Life seems to be something of a competitive race at times, and there seems to be something that always needs doing. So, once in a while it's nice to chill out and experience a little down time. Doubtless, you use your iPad for entertainment purposes, and in particular to access the internet.

If that is the case, then you are certainly not alone! Since 2014, the number of people who access the internet on their mobile devices has surpassed the number whom access the internet on desktops and laptops.

Online casinos used to be reluctant to deal with mobile devices, as that usually meant creating special, mobile-only versions of their gaming software, usually using Adobe Flash. Go back a few years, and the chances of playing iPad slots was slim, to say the least.

However, that has all recently changed. All major online casinos now offer a neat range of online slots, and other casino games, for you to enjoy right on your iPad screen.

Ipad slots – a slotted history

If you're not familiar with online slots, then here is a quick and interesting history lesson. When you think of slot machines, you may think of the kinds of slots you see in amusement arcades and pubs and clubs. There are plenty of online slots that do indeed look just like classic three-reel 'pub fruities', but the majority of the more popular online slots are something else entirely.

The more common version of online slots evolved from video slots that became common in Las Vegas in the late 1980s, thanks to ground-breaking companies such as WMS and IGT. The trend for video slots followed the trend set by video poker machines in the early eighties.

Video slots were the next step up from mechanical slots – the kind you always see old ladies pumping endless quarters into in any movie or TV show with a scene set in Las Vegas. Video slots expanded to have five reels instead of the usual three, and multiple paylines as opposed to just a single straight line across the middle of the reels. Wild and scatter symbols were soon added as well, in addition to special bonus games and features.

This is the template that most iPad slots follow today, although with many iPad slots the bonus games and features, along with the video animations, have become a lot more sophisticated.

Slots move online, and then become mobile

Microgaming opened up the first online casino in 1994, and video slots eventually formed part of an online gambling boom. Initially, online slots were simply carbon-copies of real-world video slots, but as time progressed they became more versatile and individualistic.

Interest in online gambling increased as the internet began to grow increasing sophisticated, and the consumer-driven world woke up to the retail possibilities the internet offered. By the mid 2000s there were hundreds of online casinos, sports books and bingo sites available on the net.

The next big step came towards the end of the 2000s, as the smartphone market really began to flourish, following Apple's release of the iPhone in 2007 and the first Android-powered handset a year later.

The iPad – a bigger screen offers more convenience

Apple's release of the iPad in 2010 was another huge game changer. Mobile casino apps were all very well, but the convenience was not there as smart phone screens were usually too small to make playing at an online casino a worthwhile experience.

The iPad's bigger screen finally alerted online casinos up to the possibilities of mobile casino play. Suddenly, casino games such as blackjack and roulette could be enjoyed on an iPad just as much as they could be enjoyed on a desktop computer or laptop. The same went for iPad slots as well – the most sophisticated online slot games could now be rendered on the screen of a mobile device. The mobile casino industry genuinely began to thrive.

These days, a few companies are so confident in the mobile slots industry that they host sites that only run on mobile devices, including the iPad. One of these companies is called Probability, and they host a number of sites such as Lady Luck's Casino which have a decent range of iPad slots that you can take out for a spin.

If you're still a bit of a stranger when it comes to the exciting realm of iPad slots, then there's no need to concern yourself if you let us here at RightCasino take you by the hand and guide you. There are thousands of iPad slots for you to become acquainted with, and each has slightly different ways of playing, and different features and bonus games. The best thing of all – they can all be 'tested' using play money before you 'chuck in' any of your own cash.

So, why not give a few iPad slots a trial run? When you're ready, you can switch to real money play and enjoy the thrill of hopefully winning enough cash for that dream Caribbean holiday we spoke of earlier!

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