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If you have an Android-powered smart phone or tablet, then congratulations – you have a mobile casino in your pocket! There are dozens of online casinos where you can play casino games, and thousands of Android slots for you to enjoy.

Android slots are a lot of fun to play, plus they give you the chance of winning both tidy cash prizes and life-changing fortunes. You can entertain yourself with a top Android slots game on your smart phone or tablet for hours – just make sure you play responsibly.

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When it comes to interest access, long gone are the days when we were stuck to our desktops, or forced to flip open our laptops. We carry portable, internet-enabled devices around with us most of the time – or smart phones and tablets as they are more commonly known!

Since 2014, more people actively access the internet on mobile devices than on PCs and laptops, which makes mobile devices a method of internet access that gambling companies cannot afford to ignore. Almost all the big gambling software providers now run sites that work on all the latest smartphones and tablets, and that includes Android-powered devices.

Android slots – a slotted history

The modern style of online slots are quite different to those you might recall seeing (or still see) in seaside arcades or your local pub. In Las Vegas in the late 1980s, companies began to release video slots that had a video monitor replacing the old, mechanical reels of traditional slots. Video screens had become a common sight in casinos up and down the Las Vegas strip, thanks to the invention and subsequent popularity of video poker. It was thought that video slots were likely to be the next big casino craze.

The first video slots that were made were simply enhanced versions of mechanical slots, but pretty soon designers were adding extra features that a mechanical slot could not provide. A standard model developed – video slots with five reels, multiple pay lines, wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games.

Slots move online, then get mobilised!

It seems that everything in real life now finds its way online, so when the internet advanced from simply being a way for nerds to link their PCs together, it was only a matter of time before slot machines made the transition from Las Vegas casinos to the world wide web. Microgaming opened the first internet online casino in 1994, and eventually online versions of video slots became available to play.

Pretty soon slots became the most popular form of internet casino gambling. This was mainly due to them being so easy to play. They also required very little in the way of skill or decision-making, unlike table games such as blackjack, roulette or baccarat.

By 2010 there were well over 1,000 online slots available across dozens of online casinos. Within five years that figure had grown to over 7,000, and plenty of new online slots games are now released every month.

The next real game-changer for online casinos and online slots came in 2007 with Apple's release of the iPhone. This was the first portable internet-enabled device with enough computing power to be able to play games of a decent standard.

Another computing giant – Google – had already recognised that mobile devices were soon to become a huge market, and had purchased the linux-based mobile phone operating system Android in 2005. The first Android-powered smartphone – the HTC Dream – was released in 2008.

Pretty soon the mobile devices world became a battleground between Android and iOS, with both operating systems seeing off pretenders to the mobile throne such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. By the beginning of 2015, Android had around 47 percent of the mobile market, and iOS 42 percent.

Android slots – not available at a Play Store near you

As companies began to release mobile slots on a regular basis, Android was seen as the most slots-freindly platform, as it was open source. All that changed in 2013 when Google decided to lock the doors to the Play Store for apps that permitted real-money online gambling, including mobile online casino apps. Google's reasons for doing this: their Play Store was non geo-specific, meaning someone in a jurisdiction where online gambling was banned could download an app from the Play Store that permitted them to do something illegal.

This was actually not too much of a disaster for lovers of Android slots. Because Android is an open-source operating system, apps can be downloaded and installed to Android devices from places other then the Play Store. Despite the Play Store lockout, all the best online casinos were soon releasing Android versions of their mobile casino software. Such casinos got around the whole 'legal jurisdictions' aspect by only permitting players from jurisdictions where online gambling was permitted to sign up for accounts with them.

The next big step for Android slots came with the development of HTML5 – the language that is used to create most web sites, including mobile sites. Previous to HTML5, most Android slots games were written in Adobe Flash, and Android cut support for Flash when Jelly Bean was released in 2012. HTML5 provided all the functionality needed to render a cool, cutting-edge Android slots game without using Adobe's outdated and security-flawed Flash.

An additional benefit of HTML5 is that HTML5 runs natively in a mobile browser. This means that online casinos no longer have to provide 'download and install' versions of themselves. You simply pop across to the online casino of your choice, pick your favourite Android slots game and the game downloads temporarily to your mobile device, then plays in your browser.

Several companies – such as Probablity – consider mobile casinos so important they have created special, mobile-only online casinos. These casinos are specially designed to run on Android-powered devices, and host plenty of Android slots. They also have special mobile-friendly features, such as the ability to fund your gambling via your mobile phone bill.

If you're not yet fully acquainted with the wonderful, fun-packed world of Android slots, then don't worry – we are here to educate you. Slots games come in all varieties with thrilling bonus games and action-packed features. They are truly entertaining, as long as you play responsibly, and there's always the chance of that dream, seven-figure win if you pick the correct Android slot!

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