Learn how to play online scratch cards

Virtual scratch cards; no pennies or dirty fingernails necessary! Learn more with RightCasino.

You can access virtual scratch cards from online casinos and lottery websites, where squares are uncovered with a click. Some scratch cards are sanctioned by state lotteries, while others are simply fixed-stake virtual games that can be enjoyed in-browser or via downloadable software.

How to play

Scratch cards are one of the simplest forms of gambling imaginable. There’s no skill involved, just grab your card and see what you’ve won!

Buy your card

After accessing your chosen gambling site or downloaded casino suite, chose your scratch card/game and either purchase it in a discrete transaction or set a stake.

Scratch the squares

Click the concealed squares on your card to see what you’ve won. In some online scratch cards, simple squares are replaced with a cool interface – you could be mowing away patches of grass, whacking moles or flipping over lily pads. In any case, the principle is the same.

How did you do?

A pay table will indicate how much you will win for certain combinations of numbers and symbols, with higher prices based on longer odds. If you make a winning combination, your winnings will be transferred to your balance.

The right casinos to play scratch cards

Get stuck into online scratch cards at RightCasino’s recommended gambling destinations.

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