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Zoom Roulette is a graphics-intense version of roulette released by Betsoft in May 2013. The 'zoom' in the title, we assume, is not because the whole thing 'zooms' along at a cracking pace, or that the ball zooms around the roulette wheel with excessive zip, but because you can really zoom in on the roulette wheel to track the progresss of the little ball.

The best news is that this is a version of French/European roulette, and not that pesky American roulette with its double zero and excessive house edge. The even better news is that for Roulette experts, the 'racetrack' part of the table as found in real-world European casinos is being loud and proud and sits above the 'normal' playing grid. If you're not sure about how use the racetrack, consult RightCasino.com's guide here.

Placing your bets is extremely simple. There are a range of chips from 1 to 250 on the left-hand side of the screen, and you simply highlight which denomination you wish to use. You then hover your mouse over the grid. Helpfully, the grid numbers light up yellow to show which numbers you will be betting on. This is especially useful when you're using the racetrack, as it's the numbers on the main grid that light up.

You can clear the table at any time or repeat your last bet simply by clicking the appropriate buttons. Once you're ready, hit the spin button.

The roulette wheel takes up most of the bottom half of the screen and is superbly animated. It's possibly the best 'animated' roulette wheel we've seen with any RNG roulette game. Our only qualm is that once the ball spins down to the pockets, it does conveniently bounce right into one of them instead of skipping around a short while as you might expect. This is only a slight moan, though – it truly is amazingly rendered.


For a RNG roulette game this Betsoft title ticks every available box. Our only real quibble is that having so much going on means the screen does look a little cluttered, but at least there is no 'history' or 'what's hot and what's not' display unnecessarily taking up more room. There is a history display, but it's tucked nicely out of the way and you need to click on it to expand it.

There's some pointless music and commentary too for people who like that sort of thing but both can be turned off.

Have we found the best version of RNG roulette there is? We might just have done …

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