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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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This is NetEnt's rendering of a European roulette game. Although the layout does look a little cramped, you'll find this game easy to manage and play.

Chip values from from 1 to 100. To lay a bet, simply click on your chip value of choice, and then on a position on the table. In a nice feature that's sure to help, the grid lights up depending on the position of your mouse pointer in order to display the numbers you are betting on, and text appears under your pointer showing you the kind of bet you are placing, and the amount.

This is European roulette, so there's only a single zero on wheel, rendering the house edge in this game down to 2.7 percent.

There are two standard places to lay bets  – the normal betting table and the 'racetrack' where you can lay bets where the numbers are grouped in relation to their position on the wheel. You can also lay uncommon bets such as red splits, plein bets and finale bets by clicking on the 'special bets' tab.

Information about the game is displayed on a 'billboard' in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This displays the last fourteen pockets the ball rolled into, which numbers are hot, which numbers are cold, and the splits between odd and even numbers, and red and black.

If you want to run the same bets again and again, there's a autoplay feature where you can set the reel to spin automatically without ever having to change your bets. There are two spin modes – quick and normal. In quick spin mode the wheel turns less than thirty degrees and the ball just 'appears' in the winning pocket.


A beautifully rendered game by NetEnt, let down a little by the cluttered appearance. The 'billboard' is quite annoying feature that serves no purpose other than to fuel the 'gambler's fallacy', so it would be cool if the display could be customised to remove it, but unfortunately you can't. The ball does seem to settle in the inner wheel a little too quickly as well. Everything else is fine though, especially if you enter full screen mode. A decent effort by NetEnt, but it's not quite as slick or polished as their trademark 3D slots.

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