Premium American Roulette

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements: 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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If you prefer to play American roulette (and we have to ask why?) then Playtech have come up with a very nice version here.

For those of you not aware of the difference between American and European or French roulette, here is a quick crash course. American roulette wheels have a '0' and a '00', whereas European roulette wheels just have the '0'. This might sound like not much of a difference, but it raises the house edge from 2.7 percent (in European roulette) to 5.4 percent.

The reason behind this? The '0' and '00' do not count in bets such as black or red (as they are green) or columns or many other bets. You can bet on '0' or '00' (or both, as in combinations bets with 1, 2 and 3) but every time '0' or '00' comes up on the roulette wheel the casino wins most of the money staked.

This game from Playtech is a faithful rendition of American roulette – as played at most American casinos. Don't expect extra bets such a 'neighbours' or 'racetrack' bets here though.

Play is extremely easy. Just select your chip size (amounts from 0.01 to 10.00 are available) and click on the positions on the gaming board.

There are a couple of nice touches that Playtech have added. You can choose from two different views, and from four different colour cloths. You can even start the roulette wheel spinning in either direction – clockwise or anti-clockwise – although we're not sure what difference that is supposed to make.

Graphics are a little bit above basic, and the physics that dictate how the ball lands in the pocket are not that brilliant as the ball seems to lose momentum too quickly. There's a history monitor in the top right hand corner of the screen and you can see how frequently numbers are occurring with a display that looks a little like a dartboard. You can also save up to four favourite bets.


There's nothing much to complain about in this game. There are certainly enough nice features and the game does what it is supposed to do. The only thing we don't like is the 'double and spin' feature which repeats your previous bet for double the stake. This would seem to encourage the 'Martingale' system which has long been proven not to work in the long run.

If you just want a simple American roulette game, then this version should more than meet your approval.

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