Newar Roulette

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In Spring 2012 Playtech released a new version of roulette, which they entitled 'Newar Roulette'. This immediately confounded a lot of people, who had no idea what 'Newar' meant. Was it just a 'newer' version of roulette suffering from a bout of bad spelling?

The mystery was soon solved – 'Newar' was actually 'NewAR' and was short for … well, still nobody really knows. It remains one of the casino world's great enigmas.

However, what is not a mystery is the wonderful look and feel of this game. This is a version of European roulette, so there is only one zero on the wheel.

The wagering table layout should be familiar to you, but there are two cunning additions, between 'Even' and 'Red', and 'Black' and 'Odd'. They are marked 'Even + Red / 0' and 'Odd + Black / 0', and the numbers covered are:

  • Even + Red / 0 : All red numbers that are even (12, 14, 16, 18, 30, 32, 34 & 36) plus zero
  • Odd + Black / 0 : All black numbers that are odd (11, 13, 15, 17, 29, 31, 33, 25) plus zero

If you take this bet and win, it pays 3-1 unless the ball lands in the '0' pocket, in which case it pays 2-1. We make the odds of winning this bet 4.2-1, so it's not that worthwhile an addition.

All other bets are on in this roulette version, including the 'racetrack' betting grid that's normally found on European casino tables in Monte Carlo. This allows you to make bets such as 'tier', 'orphelins' and 'voisins du zero'. If you're not sure about these bets you can hover your mouse over the racetrack and it will show which numbers are covered by your potential wager. Complete and half-complete final bets are also available.

Everything else seems to be in order with this game, and the controls are exceptionally easy to use. There's an annoying 'muzak' accompaniment to your game, but this can be turned off, thankfully. You can set up a series of bets then save them in one of four 'favourites' slots. You can also see the last numbers that landed via the history panel, and you can also see how much of the table you are covering with your bet as a percentage.

You can even change the colour of the table cloth and the direction of the wheel spin, if you think that makes a difference!


We're not sure how, as an RNG game, this version of roulette could be improved upon. It really is a fantastic roulette experience, down to the way the ball realistically bounces around the pockets before it settles into one of them. The amount of options is truly satisfying – you can even change the camera angle if you want so you are looking alongside the table, instead from the corner.

Our only criticism is the inclusion of that 'odd/even and black/red + 0' sidebet which alters the house edge more in favour of the casino.

We love this game so much we're even prepared to forgive Playtech for not telling us what 'NewAR' stands for!

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