Multiwheel Roulette

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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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People tend to get to their destinations a lot quicker if they use eight-wheel trucks as opposed to unicycles, but how do eight wheels fair better than one when it comes to roulette? Microgaming's 'Multiwheel Roulette' gives you the chance to find out.

First up, we can quell your excitement if you feel that playing with eight wheels means you are eight times more likely to win. The house edge in this game is exactly the same as it for any form of European roulette – 2.7 percent. All you are in effect doing is laying the same bet eight times in a row, but all at once. Each bet you make is automatically multiplied by eight to cover the eight tables.

Without the novelty of the eight wheels, this is still a beautifully rendered game. The standard inside and outside betting table is available, plus there are tabs you can click to bring up the racetrack betting table, call bets and neighbours.

You can save yourself some time by setting up your favourite bet layouts. There are in total eight layouts you can save.

Once you are happy with the bets you have placed, click 'Spin'. All eight roulette wheels are displayed in insets above the betting table. As you can imagine, unless you are playing on a large PC monitor, they are quite small, and the ball is barely the size of a single pixel. Once all eight wheels have ground to a halt, the pocket in which the ball landed is shown in close up. Eight position markers bounce onto the gaming table to mark the winning numbers, and you are paid if you have been a lucky punter.


We have to say that this is another title that exists purely for novelty value. There seems very little point in having eight wheels other than a way of speeding up the process, and watching eight wheels turns out to be considerably less exciting than watching one.

The positives for this game are obvious – Microgaming stamping their style all over another superbly-rendered casino game, as this title does look wonderful. If you do like your roulette fun turbo-charged, then this might be the right roulette game for you.

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