Multiplayer Roulette

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Most of the time, playing at an online casino can be a bit of a lonely experience. Unless you play at a live casino, it's just you, your computer or mobile device, and the computer software. To add a little bit of sociability to your casino play, you could try 'Multiplayer Roulette', as provided here by Realtime Gaming.

In this version of the classic French gambling game, you can join up to three other players at the gaming table. Each player has their own avatar (when you start the game you get to select your own virtual image to represent you), and each player also has their own colour-coded chips so you can see whom is betting where, and who's won and who's lost.

This version of roulette is played with a European-style roulette wheel, so it only has a single zero. This keeps the house edge down to a manageable 2.7 percent. The gaming table itself is based on a traditional French roulette table which may be a little different to what you are used to playing with. There are also some terms on the table you may not be familiar with:

  • Passe ('Passed' – numbers 19 to 36)
  • Manque ('Failed' – numbers 1 to 18)
  • Pair (Even)
  • Impair (Odd)

The bets for first twelve, second twelve and third twelve are also in a different place. They are at the bottom of the playing grid, and are indicated by P (first twelve – 'Premiere Douzaine'), M (middle twelve – 'Moyenne Douzaine') and D (final twelve – 'Dernier Douzaine').

Unlike single-player roulette, you do not get as long as you want to place your bets – in fact you only get thirty seconds. You click on the playing grid in the positions you want to place your bets, and your chips will appear accordingly. Naturally, you are quite able to lay bets in places where your fellow players have already bet.

You may also make call bets in this game, such as neighbours and tiers du cylindre. If you're unsure about call bets, refer to our section on roulette, available here.


Although the graphical interface in this game is a little basic, it functions perfectly well, and here you have a very pleasant, unfussy version of European/French roulette. While it is kind of cool to be able to see what your fellow players are doing, you cannot communicate with them, which is a shame.

Even without the multi-player element, this is as decent a version of European roulette as you'll find anywhere.

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