Double Ball Roulette

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Most forms of roulette are like Hitler – they are only in possession of one ball. 'Double Ball' roulette from PokerStars/Amaya has double the balls, but is it double the fun?

The wheel used in this game is a European one with a single zero, which is a little bit of a surprise in this game as it's only found at real world casinos in Las Vegas.

Inside bets in this game are identical to normal roulette. It is possible to win two bets at once – if you bet on single 12 and single 23 and both numbers come up, then you win both bets. Inside bet wins are twice as frequent as in normal roulette, so the odds are different.

Outside bets are handled in another way though. To win an outside wager, both balls must win the bet. For example, if you bet on red, then both balls must land in a red pocket to win. Outside bet wins are a quarter as frequent as in normal roulette, so the odds are higher.

The full odds table is as follows:

  • Single number 17-1 (usually 35-1)
  • Two numbers 8-1 (17-1)
  • Three numbers 5-1 (11-1)
  • Four numbers 3-1 (8-1)
  • Six numbers 2-1 (5-1)
  • Twelve numbers 8-1 (2-1)
  • Columns 8-1 (2-1)
  • Red to black 3-1 (evens)
  • One red, one black evens (n/a)
  • Odd and even 3-1 (n/a)
  • 1-18 and 19-26 3-1 (n/a)

The interface in the game is very easy to use, and if you've ever played roulette before – even with one ball – then there's nothing to surprise you here.

The house edge in this game is between 5.33 and 5.89 percent.


There are very few occasions where two balls are better than one – think football, tennis, cricket … and double ball roulette has to be added to this list. It's nothing more than a novelty game, and the altered odds for inside and outside bets do not make this game any more attractive to play for anything other than fun value.

The house edge also makes this a worse game to play – probability-wise – than American roulette, so if you're in it for anything other than curiosity, this is one roulette game to avoid.

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