Deal or No Deal Roulette

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements: 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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The Channel 4 gameshow 'Deal or No Deal' seems to be everywhere at online casinos these days. There's the straight 'Deal or No Deal' game that plays out virtually the same as the TV programme, plus 'Deal or No Deal Bingo', 'Deal or No Deal Video Poker', and now, 'Deal or No Deal Roulette'.

The game show – in case you didn't know – is a 'pick the box' contest in which contestants must gamble on the value of their box being higher than the prize they are offered by 'the banker'. They select other boxes that allows them to work out how much cash might be hidden in theirs. The risk is that their box might contain as little as 1p, but they don't know that until they open it.

This roulette game plays out like a straightforwards version of European Roulette with two side bets – the 'Banker's Spin ' bonus and the 'Deal or No Deal' bonus. All the options you would expect of a decent version of European or French Roulette are available – all inside and outside bets plus 'racetrack' bets such as Voisons Du Zero and Orphelins. The game is splendidly realised and the graphics are pretty decent. The only 'qualm' we have is that the ball seems to 'jump' a little unnaturally when it comes to settle within the grooves of the wheel.

You place chips on the 'Bonus Bet' section of the gaming table in order to partake in the side bet. An outer circle spins around the wheel when it is in motion. This contains two sections – one with a black telephone, and one with a red box. If the ball ends up lined up with either of these sections, then you qualify for the indicated bonus game:

Banker's Spin Bonus (black telephone): You get to choose from three boxes, each of which contains a bronze, silver or gold ticket. Once you've picked, the roulette wheel will change so it contains cash values. If you choose gold, then these values will be higher than if you choose silver or bronze. The ball will spin and land on one of the cash amounts. You can 'bank' this amount, or try a re-spin. You're allowed two re-spins, but whatever the cash amount the ball landed on after your last spin is what you win.

Deal or No Deal Bonus (red telephone): This plays out like a real game of Deal or No Deal. You must select your own lucky box then, one by one, open the other boxes to reveal cash prizes. Every now and then the banker will ring to offer you a deal for your box. It's your choice whether to 'deal' and accept the banker's offer, or 'no deal' and keep picking. If you end up with only your box remaining, then what your box contains is what you win.


If you're a dedicated follower of the 'Deal or No Deal' game show then you are very probably going to adore this expertly-rendered version of European Roulette. Everything you could possible want from such a game is catered for, and the only issue we have is that annoying 'jump' the ball seems to make just as the last second.

As for the bonus games – they're both really entertaining to play, but the odd of actually landing either of them when you're spinning are just about 18:1, so you have to question whether extra outlay is actually worth it. If you think it is, then fine – we are sure that Noel would signal his approval!

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