Mobile roulette

Everything you need to know about playing roulette on the go.

The magic of modern gambling technology means the majority of online casinos offer mobile-optimised versions of their roulette games. Even live roulette is now widely accessible via a variety of smart devices.

What is mobile roulette?

Mobile gambling has exploded in the last five years, to the point that an estimated $10 billion is wagered annually through mobile platforms alone.

Improvements in 3G and 4G technology have made it possible to bring high-quality roulette gaming to mobile devices around the globe. This ultimate gambling convenience means you can play anywhere, at any time – all you need is a smart device and a decent signal.

iPhone roulette

There are dozens of mobile-optimised roulette games for the iOS operating system, from the popular ‘penny roulette’ to the Paddy Power Casino exclusive, ‘Money-Back Roulette’. The game of roulette is not difficult at all to re-create via software: the wheel spins, the ball rattles around for a bit, then lands, and then you’ve either won or lost money.

Virtually all mobile roulette apps work in the same way. The random number generation (i.e. the number in which the balls lands) is actually done on the host server that you are connected to, and not on your phone. This is so the service provider can maintain an accurate record of your play, just in case of a dispute about winning, or if you manage to ‘crack’ the game and dictate where the ball is going to land.

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If you fancy taking mobile roulette for a spin, it’s best to stick with a well-known casino brand. Not only are they much more likely to honour pay-outs, but the software they provide can be trusted, and safeguards will be in place to protect you should you lose your connection mid-spin.

Lots of casinos now also offer the chance for you to play live casino roulette via a video feed. You should only really play ‘live’ if you are certain about the strength of your connection. Not only is it better for you, it’s also better for the players who are at the table with you. It’s frustrating sharing a live table with someone who is continually losing their connection.

Android roulette

You’ll find plenty of roulette games for Android-powered devices. Because Google’s Android operating system is open source, and you can install apps on it from anywhere, there are lots of ‘dubious’ apps out there that are best avoided. It’s always best to stick to casino brands that you know and trust, as your experiences are much more likely to be satisfactory.

As Google Play does not allow online gambling apps to be hosted, you won’t be able to download any Android roulette apps from there – even from major operators. To play, you’ll either be directed to a mobile-optimised site that will load your chosen game in your browser, or be given the link to download an apk (Android package) file which you will need to verify and install yourself.

If you only want to play roulette for fun, you’ll find plenty of apps on Google Play that will allow you to do just that.

Tablet roulette

A tablet is perhaps the best device for playing mobile roulette, as it provides a much greater playing area than you probably have available on your smartphone. Tablet roulette games are available for both iPads and Android-powered tablets. All decent mobile roulette apps will recognise that you’re playing on a device with a large playing area and tailor the experience accordingly. Having the entire playing surface in view makes it much easier to place your bets than having to continually scroll up and down the screen.

One tip – if you’re searching for a version of tablet roulette to play, always choose European or French roulette over the American version. The house edge is lower in European roulette, and even lower in French roulette, which has more options for placing bets.

Operating systems and platforms

Many casinos offer roulette across multiple platforms. Below, you can find out which of our casino operators support your device:

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