Tournament poker

Learn the rules of Sit and Go poker and compete in online tournaments.

Poker is played internationally as a competitive sport, with players competing in tournament events both in live casinos and online. The rules of tournament poker are different from ring games – this page will take you through the basics.

Playing tournament poker

Al players in tournament (or Sit and Go) poker pay a standard entry fee and begin with the same number of chips. They keep playing until one player ends up with all the chips.

As play advances, compulsory blinds and antes increase, meaning you need to keep winning in order to stay in the game. When your stack is gone, you’re out of the event. The last player standing is declared the winner. Depending on the rules of the house, a number of places are paid – this varies based on the number of entrants.

Online tournaments

Online poker tournaments are conducted identically to live events, with players using the casino software to participate.

Buying in

Entry to online poker tournaments is usually accomplished by registering for a table tournament in advance and paying an entry fee. However, seats in poker tournaments are sometimes offered as prizes by casino brands and poker clients.

When competing in an online tournament, sign into your casino or poker client as per usual and search for a tab or category labelled: tournament/Sit & Go/tourney/events or similar.

Be aware, you might be required to download software in advance of playing at an online tournament.


After signing up for your tournament, you’ll be seated at a random designated table which will pop up automatically once it begins. Games are conducted using the casino software.

When the action is on you, you‘ll typically have to act within a set time limit, the time is shown at the table, and you have a selection of buttons to press to make your move.

The majority of poker clients provide stats about the active tournament, including your current position and the average stack. When the tournament ends, any winnings will be credited to your account. You may also be able to request a detailed breakdown of the tournament results.

The right poker clients

Pit your skills against other players in tournament poker at our favourite poker clients.

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