Live dealer poker

Experience the thrill of Live Dealer Poker!

The complex game of competitive poker isn’t for everyone; some people enjoy the simpler pleasures of so-called ‘casino poker.’ Could this fast and strategic game be for you?

What is live dealer poker?

While standard poker is a zero-sum game where the dealer position rotates around the table, live dealer casino poker pits players against a single dealer, with hand rankings determining pay-outs according to a paytable.

In essence, live dealer poker is very similar to video poker and like video poker, it is highly optimisible (generally utilising a single deck), meaning it is possible for players to significantly reduce the house advantage will effective betting systems. You can read more about betting systems for video poker, which are also applicable to casino poker, here.

Live poker is played according to three card stud rules or a form of hold’em, where players receive two starting cards and place bets before a five card flop.

  • Live dealer poker

    Live dealer poker is based on casino poker – a single-deck card game where players gamble against a croupier. Hand rankings are based on poker rules and players receive higher pay-outs on higher ranked hands. Information about pay-outs is generally displayed in a pay-table.

  • Playing live dealer poker

    On recieving their starting hand, players post an ante-bet. After a three-card flop, players can 'fold' or 'call'. If the dealer's hand does not qualify for the turn (they must have at least a pair of 4s), the player's ante bet pays according to the strength of their hand. If both hands qualify and the player calls, two more community cards are dealt.

    If it comes to the showdown and the dealer and player have cards of equal strength, they push and all bets are returned. If the player's hand is superior, their call pays out at 1/1.

  • Meet the dealers!

    Many casinos provide dealer galleries, allowing punters to meet their team of croupiers before playing. If you’re a VIP, you may even be able to request tables run by your favourite dealer. Some casinos also permit interactions between players and the dealer, creating a really immersive and involving experience.

The right casinos to play live dealer poker

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