Mobile lotteries

Play lotteries on your mobile device – it could be you!

If you gamble on international lotteries, you can now pick your numbers from the convenience of your mobile device! Think you’ve got a lucky number?

Playing mobile lotteries

Lotteries remain the most popular form of gambling on Earth, with many countries providing national games. You can participate in many of these draws, regardless of your location, by picking up tickets on your mobile or tablet device.

Lotteries on mobile devices

There are two ways you can play lotteries on mobile devices. The first is to participate in a real-world lottery via an app on your smart-phone or tablet. There are only a very limited number of sites which will allow you to do this though. Your best chance of being able to buy a lottery ticket on your device (aside from dealing directly with the lottery's own site) is to try a casino that's provided by a company that's also involved in sports-betting, such as Ladbrokes, William Hill or Paddy Power.

The second method is to download and install a lottery-style casino game. The best thing about this option is that you can partake in a lottery without having to wait until the balls are drawn, as you would when buying a ticket for a real-world lottery. The worse thing about this is that the prizes you are in line to win by playing an online lottery casino game are not likely to come close to the kind of life-changing prizes available via lotteries such as the EuroMillions, or the USA's MegaMillions or Powerball lotteries.

If you enjoy lotteries then the second option will allow you to play them more often than the weekly or twice-weekly draws of all the major, world-wide lotteries. If you really do enjoy lottery-style games, then you might want to consider taking a look at keno, which is a sort of hybrid of lotteries and bingo, and is very popular in Asian and US casinos.

How to play lotteries on your mobile device

If you do manage to find a mobile app which allows you to play on lotteries, then participating in the game is as simple as buying a lottery ticket itself. You pick the offered lottery that you want to play and choose the amount of numbers that you are required to pick. If you are successful when the numbers are drawn, then you will be informed of your good fortune.

Remember, when you play on a lottery via a mobile casino app, you are not actually buying a ticket for the lottery in question, but are instead betting on the outcome of the numbers drawn. Most casinos will offer you fixed odds against you picking the right numbers, and what you win will not be the same as what you would have won if you had bought the tickets direct. This may seem like a downside, but playing lotteries in this way allows you to partake in worldwide lotteries that otherwise you would not be able to enjoy.

Some of the big world-wide lotteries you could look out for are the MegaMillions and Powerball in the USA, the monthly superdraws in Spain, the 'super enalotto' in Italy and the daily and weekly draws in the Irish lottery. Just make sure you do your homework before you hand over your lottery cash, as some draws (and hence some prizes) are much more 'cash-advantageous' than others.

As for lottery-style casino games, each game comes with its own theme and own set of rules, but they all follow the same basic lottery-style pattern. You select a few numbers, a draw is made, and the more numbers that you get right, the bigger the prize. Make sure you consult the pay table before you hand over your cash, so you have an idea of the amount of cash you are likely to win should the balls drop right for you.

  • Duck Shoot

  • Udder Madness

  • Pull The Other One

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