Mobile keno

Play the lightning lottery game on your mobile device.

Developments in mobile gaming technology have brought high-quality entertainment to all major mobile and tablet devices. This means you can get virtual keno in the palm of your hand – simply consult the table of casinos below and find out which brands support your operating system.

What is mobile keno?

Mobile platforms are fast becoming the most popular means of gambling online. By recent estimations, $10 billion is wagered annually on mobile devices, and a fair portion of that revenue comes from keno.

Virtual keno is played exactly the same way on a mobile device as on a desktop. Once you have made your selections using your touchscreen, a random number generator will draw winning numbers – all you have to do next is count your catches!

Keno on mobile devices

Versions of keno that you can play on a smart-phone tablet are not exactly numerous, but with a little bit of hunting, and if playing 'keno' on the go is important enough to you, then you should be able to find a mobile keno game.

There are a handful of online casinos that offer keno at their mobile casinos. Some sites you can try are Leo Vegas, BGO, 32Red and Guts.

Most casinos are still based on the preferences of European countries, where keno as a casino game has never really taken off. Perhaps once more US states and Asian countries acclimatise themselves to the joy of online gambling as experienced by much of the rest of the world, mobile keno will become much more prevalent. Until then, keno lovers will just have to accept what they can find.

Some keno games will be provided via downloadable mobile casino software, but more often than not casino sites are using HTML5 in order to code their gaming software. Such games can be played within a mobile browser, meaning no download and installation is necessary. All such games are guaranteed to work on iOS and Android-based systems, and there's also a good chance the games will work on Windows Phones and BlackBerrys.

How to play keno on a mobile device

Most versions of mobile keno follow the typical, broad keno template. You pick your numbers (usually any amount of 'spots' from three to ten, or to twenty in some cases), and then hit the 'play' button. Twenty keno balls will then bounce around the screen and the more you land, the more you win. The paytable for your selections will be displayed on the screen, so if good fortune has smiled on you, you'll be able to see instantly just how much you have won.

The beauty of mobile keno is that games are played as often and as speedily as you want. In a real casino you'd have to wait until the next available keno draw (although at the big casinos that only necessitates a wait of four minutes or so), but with mobile keno, you are completely in control.

Even though most mobile keno games are restricted to the typical 'match as many balls from the twenty drawn' rules, there are a few different keno games with different themes, and some with bonus features. NetEnt's version of keno for example has a joker that each round hides behind a number. If that number is drawn, the joker is transfered to the bonus meter, and every time the bonus meter is filled (it takes five jokers to fill the bonus meter) the player is granted a free round in which also prizes are doubled.

The game also features a progressive jackpot which is awarded if the balls drawn form a perfect 'J' pattern.

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