Craps strategy

Minimise the house edge and maximise your chances at craps with our expert advice!

While the rules of craps can be intimidating to newcomers, betting optimisation is pretty straightforward. Following our betting advice and you’ll be looking at a house edge pretty close to zero percent – a rare scenario in casino games.

Playing the dark side

Mathematically, you should always bet against the grain. In short, stick with don’t pass and don’t come bets, while laying the maximum odds wherever possible.

A quick reminder …

  • Don’t pass means placing chips in the ‘don’t pass’ bar, betting on 2 and 3 during the first, come on phase of play and on a 7 coming before the point during the second phase.
  • Don’t come bets are exactly the same, but made at any time other than a come on roll.
  • Laying the odds means betting that a 7 will appear before the point number during the point phase AFTER placing a don’t pass bet in the come on phase.

Head back to lesson two if you need a refresher on craps betting.

Betting this way is described as ‘playing the dark side,’ because it is the exact opposite to the way most players gamble on casino craps. However, it also produces the best odds:

House edge per: Bet: 0.00021% | Resolution: 0.00021% | Roll: 0.00006%

Bets to avoid

Some of the betting options in craps carve out an absurdly large edge for the house. The following bets should never, EVER be attempted if you want to stay in the game:

  • Place 5 and 9
  • Place 4 and 10
  • Big 6 and 8
  • Hard ways
  • All put bets
  • All proposition bets

The right casinos to try out the right craps strategy

Put our betting system to the test at our experts’ favourite casinos for craps!

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