Mobile craps

Roll with it! Get online craps on your mobile device.

The magic of modern technology has made it possible to bring high-fidelity live and virtual gaming to mobile and tablet devices. This means that you can now enjoy online craps from the palm of your hand!

What is mobile craps?

It is estimated that $10 billion is wagered through mobile platforms every year. As a highly popular casino game, a fair chunk of that money passes through online craps tables.

In essence, the game is exactly the same as you’d expect from a desktop or even a land-based casino. Bets are placed, the dice is thrown and you hold your breath, hoping for the best. The only real difference is the virtual interface is controlled using your touch screen.

Craps on your mobile device

Finding a casino where you can play craps via your smart-phone or tablet is a little bit of an online struggle. Most casino software providers are still catching up with the idea of online mobile casinos, and a significant percentage of them concentrate on the real casino-money makers, namely online online slots and to a lesser extent, blackjack and roulette.

Additionally, as craps is quintessentially seen as both an American game and a social game, it has failed to capture the imagination of the gambling public outside of the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The real fun with craps is when it comes to your turn as the shooter, and you are cheered on as you toss the dice down the table, trying to score the point before you score a seven.

Some software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech do carry versions of craps that can be played on a mobile device, although not all mobile-friendly online casinos that carry software from Microgaming and Playtech will offer mobile craps, purely down to the lack of players who desire such an option.

Perhaps as relations between the US and online gambling slowly thaw, more casinos will offer mobile craps as an option.

How to play craps on your smart-phone or tablet

Once you do manage to locate a mobile casino that's happy to provide you with some craps-tastic excitement, playing online craps via your mobile is a relatively straightforward process.

First up, don't expect to be surrounded by your fellow craps enthusiasts who will whoop and yell as you kiss the dice and then toss them across your tablet screen. Online craps is almost wholly a one-player affair.

Once you've sat down at a virtual craps table, you'll be presented with a layout containing all the various side bets that are available, including the all-important 'pass line'. If you're not familiar with craps, make sure you understand what each possible side bet entails and what you stand to win if the dice roll in your favour. If you bet blindly you'll just be throw chips away. The craps table is daunting to a newbie, so it will really pay you if you know what you're doing.

Select your chips and carefully place them on the table via the interface on your smart-phone or tablet. When you've made your pass line bet (or don't pass if you're a little unsporting) click the 'roll' button and send the dice bouncing down the table. Play will then continue as if you are playing at a real-world craps table, and you winnings (or sadly, losses) will be announced once each round is over.

If you are looking for mobile 'live dealer' craps then you are going to come up disappointed. Very few casino software houses and online casinos offer live dealer craps, and hardly any offer live dealer craps that can be played via a smart-phone or tablet.

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Operating systems and platforms

Many of our featured casino websites offer mobile craps across a variety of popular platforms. Consult the list below to see which operators support your devices’ operating system: