Suit ’em Up 21 Blackjack

Suit 'em Up Blackjack
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Suit 'em Up 21 Blackjack is another interesting variant from Realtime Gaming's blackjack stable. RTG (as they are known to their friends) do seem to be cornering the market somewhat with unique or rarely-found blackjack games, so kudos to them. This game is so called as it offers a side bet which pays out various amounts should you be lucky enough to receive suited hole cards.

First of all, let's get the important stuff out of the way:

  • Dealer stands on all hard totals above 16, but hits on soft 17
  • Dealer offers insurance if the dealer's face up card is an ace. Insurance pays 2-1
  • Blackjack pays 3-2
  • You can double down on your first two cards only on any total
  • You can split all pairs but you cannot re-split
  • You only receive one more card per hand if you split aces

To place your bet, you click first on the betting circle, then on your chosen chip. To gamble on the side bet, you click the 'Suit 'em Up' circle then on a chip. The side bet pays out as follows:

  • Suited aces – 60-1
  • Suited blackjack – 10-1
  • Suited pair – 5-1
  • Suited total of eleven – 3-1
  • Any other suited cards – 2-1

Naturally, you're probably wondering if the side bet is worth taking. It's a good job then that has done the math for you! The odds of being successful on each side bet are as follows:

  • Suited aces – (112 out of 86320 hands) – 770-1
  • Suited blackjack – (1024 out of 86320) – 84-1
  • Suited pairs – (1344 out of 86320) – 64-1
  • Suited eleven – (1024 out of 86320) – 84-1
  • Any suited – (20608 out of 86320) – 4-1

You don't have to be a genius to work out that the payouts offered do not match the true odds of actually receiving suited cards, so the side bet in this game is simply not worth your cash!



You cannot separate 'luck' from gambling, no matter how committed gamblers may tell you otherwise. In this game, while the normal blackjack games pays out perfectly normally, if you indulge in the side bet here you're not very likely to be 'quids in' in the long run. If you want to take your chances then don't be fooled – 'taking your chances' is precisely what you are doing.

Pushing the side bet to one … ahem … side for a moment, there's nothing with this game to complain about. It runs smoothly, quickly and the images and animations are absolutely fine. The controls are very easy to use, and there's no annoying commentary that announces each player blackjack as though you've just won a multi-million jackpot. So, play with our blessing, but don't be tempted by that side-bet where the odds really are against you.

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