Lucky 7 Blackjack

Lucky 7 Blackjack
121% up to £300 Wagering Requirements: 35
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This is one of Amaya’s eight blackjack games. ‘Lucky 7 Blackjack’ is a standard blackjack game but with a potentially lucrative side bet.

The table has three player positions, and you can play as many positions as you like per deal. The felt and card backs are usually customised with the logo and colours of the casino at which you are playing.

Chip values range from 1 to 500 of your currency of choice. To bet, you select your chip size, and then click on the ‘Bet’ circles on the table. Adjacent to each circle is a smaller circle – this is the for the ‘Lucky 7’ side bet. Click chips into this circle in the same way if you wish to take the side bet.

Click ‘deal’ to receive your cards. Animation is smooth, but just a little bit slow. Eight decks are used, and dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s. Blackjack pays 3:2 and Insurance 2:1 – the dealer checks for blackjack whenever their face card is an ace, ten or face card. If you have blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace you are offered even money, which means your bet is returned to you. If you do not take the offer and the dealer has blackjack, then you lose.

You can also double down on any total, but you cannot surrender. You can split all pairs but you cannot re-split. If you split aces you only receive one more card per hand.

The side bet pays as follows:

  • First card dealt is a seven: 3-1
  • First two cards dealt are unsuited sevens: 25-1
  • First two cards dealt are suited sevens: 50-1
  • First three cards dealt are unsuited sevens: 100-1
  • First three cards dealt are suited sevens: 500-1
  • First four cards dealt are unsuited sevens: 100-1
  • First four cards dealt are suited sevens: 500-1

The house edge in this game is 0.46 percent.

Other Version

This game can easily be confused with another version of Lucky 7 Blackjack. In this form, the goal is to get as close to 7 as possible, similar to Baccarat aiming for 9, but in the format of Blackjack. Below is a brief explanation of this version of Lucky 7 Blackjack.

Bj Lucky 7

Introduction to Lucky 7 Blackjack

In this variation of the classic game, players aim to achieve a hand totaling seven or as close to seven as possible without exceeding it. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this variant.

The primary objective in Lucky 7 Blackjack is straightforward yet challenging. Players strive to obtain a hand with a total value of seven or as near to seven as feasible without surpassing this threshold. This unique twist adds an element of excitement and strategy to the traditional blackjack experience.

Card Values and Significance

Understanding the values of the cards is essential for mastering Lucky 7 Blackjack. Aces can be valued at either one or eleven points, while cards numbered two through ten retain their face value. Additionally, face cards – Jacks, Queens, and Kings – each carry a value of one point. These diverse values offer players a multitude of strategic options as they aim to reach the coveted number seven.

In Lucky 7 Blackjack, the number seven holds a big importance. Achieving a hand with an exact total of seven automatically results in victory. However, exceeding seven leads to defeat, emphasizing the delicate balance between risk and prudence inherent in the game.


As cards are dealt, players must employ astute strategies and decisive decision-making. Should they request an additional card to inch closer to seven, or should they opt to stand, confident in their current hand? Every choice influences the outcome, making strategic thinking a crucial component of gameplay.

Occasionally, both the player and the dealer attain a hand totaling seven. This scenario results in a tie, with the player’s wager returned. Such moments of unpredictability underscore the element of chance inherent in Lucky 7 Blackjack, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

Thus, as you embark on your journey into the realm of Lucky 7 Blackjack, prepare to engage in a game brimming with strategy, anticipation, and the relentless pursuit of that elusive number – seven.


Another nicely rendered blackjack game, although sometimes the female commentator does not keep up with the action which can become annoying once it has happened for the nth time. Is the side bet worth taking? Considering that the house edge on the side bet is 49.89 percent, you can make your own mind up!

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