Double Exposure Blackjack

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Double Exposure Blackjack is a very popular game in Las Vegas casinos. It is so called as both dealer's cards are dealt face up – hence 'double exposure'. You may think that you, as the player, will win every time if you play this game as you can see the cards that the dealer is holding. However, there are a few rule changes that swing the edge back into the house's favour.

Chip sizes in this game are 1, 5 and 10. Click your chip of choice then hit one, two or three of the available table positions to place your bet. Hit 'deal' to start the hand. Both you and the dealer will receive two cards face up. You can then hit or stand in the same way as any game.

The rules in this game are as follows:

  • dealer must draw to 16 and stand on any 17s or higher
  • dealer wins all ties except for tied blackjack
  • all wins – including blackjack – pay evens
  • you can double down on hard totals of 9, 10 and 11
  • you can double down split hands
  • you can split all pairs, but split aces only receive one more card each
  • you cannot re-split split hands
  • split hands of an ace and a ten or face card do not count as blackjack

With correct play, the house edge in this game is a measly 0.67%


This is a wonderful game to play, especially if you are a slave to 'normal' blackjack perfect strategy and seek a distraction. The fact that you can see both dealer cards gives you something extra to think about and adds a little to the excitement. If, for example, the dealer has two face cards and you have nineteen, it's quite satisfying that you 'have' to go for it and keep your fingers crossed for a deuce.

It's important that people who have been playing blackjack for years remember that there are no pushes in this game – the dealer wins all ties aside from tied blackjack – so don't stand on twenty when the dealer had two face cards, for example. Once you get your head around that and master the extended basic strategy need to keep that house edge down below one percent, then this is a very rewarding game that has been well put together by NetEnt.

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