Double Attack Blackjack

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements: 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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This version of blackjack from Playtech mixes traditional blackjack rules with a number of interesting sidebets.

First up – this game is played with a Spanish deck, which means that all the tens have been removed. This of course decreases your chances of obtaining blackjack.

There are three places to place bets – the normal betting circle, the double attack circle, and the 'Bust it!' circle. Chip values run from 1 to 1,000, and you just click on your chip value of choice, then one or more of the betting circles to bet.

You can only bet on 'double attack' once the dealer's face card has been revealed. This doubles your initial bet, and you should judge the likelihood of the dealer losing on the value of his upturned card. Of course, your own cards have yet to be dealt.

The rest of the deal progresses as normal once you decide whether or not to take the double attack option. Once the hand is over another side bet comes into play – 'Bust it!'. This side bet pays if the dealer's next hand busts on three cards as follows:

  • Dealer has three eights, suited 200-1
  • Dealer has three eights, same colour 50-1
  • Dealer busts with a six 15-1
  • Dealer busts with a seven 10-1
  • Dealer busts with an eight 8-1
  • Dealer busts with a nine 6-1
  • Dealer busts with a face card 3-1

Some standard blackjack rules also apply. Dealer stands on all seventeens, both hard and soft, blackjack pays evens and insurance 5-2. The dealer peeks for blackjack, and all pairs may be split and re-split – how many times is down to the casino you are playing at. Aces cannot be re-split, and split aces only receive one more card. Players can double down or surrender at any time.

With correct play, the house edge for this game is 0.62 percent.


This is a very pleasing rendition of a game that is popular in real world casinos in Atlantic City. The side bets available and the 'double attack' feature make the game seem more likely to return a profit, but it's important to remember you are playing with a spanish deck. The 'Bust It' bonus is not really worth taking with a house edge of 8.01 percent, and insurance definitely is not at 12.27 percent.

If you likely variety and more decision-making in your blackjack play then this is an entertaining game from Playtech. You are not likely to find it too profitable, though.

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