Bingo variations

There are a number of different ways to enjoy bingo. Play your way with RightCasino.

For purists who enjoy the personal interaction of the bingo hall, traditional live bingo continues to do a roaring trade. Online, there are loads of software bingo games, dedicated bingo networks and games that can be accessed on social media platforms. Learn about the different types of bingo below and decide how you want to play.

Live bingo

Bingo the old-fashioned way: for many players, there’s still nothing that compares to the experience of a live bingo hall.

About live bingo

  • Play takes place in a bingo hall, an establishment which follows many of the same rules that you would expect in a casino (under 18s are barred entry, for instance.)
  • Games are played on paper tickets, with numbers marked using a pen – traditionally a thick, felt-tipped ‘dabber’.
  • A live dealer announces the numbers, either drawing balls from a tombola, operating a number-generator or similar.
  • Players are subject to certain etiquette. For instance, chatter is usually discouraged while a game is running.
  • Wins are announced by players, with winning tickets typically indicated by someone calling out ‘bingo!’, or 'house! or 'line!' depending on the game and/or venue.

Online bingo rooms

Many gambling brands – sometimes casinos, but occasionally dedicated bingo services – run online bingo rooms or ‘clients'. These are web-based bingo games in which real players compete via networked lobbies.

About bingo clients

  • Players sign into a lobby (called a ‘room’) in order to gamble. Sometimes clients are accessed in-browser using JavaScript or Adobe Flash and occasionally via downloaded software.
  • There are no callers. Instead, a random number generator announces winning numbers. Additionally, players do not have to declare wins. Winning tickets are automatically detected and winnings distributed accordingly.
  • Unlike in live bingo halls, players are actively encouraged to chat via an instant messaging function. A ‘Chat Monitor’ (CM) is on hand to maintain a friendly, communal atmosphere.
  • Winnings are managed via eWallet services or direct bank transfers.

Virtual bingo

Some digital bingo games do not involve a network of players. Rather, gamblers are simply playing against a random number generator.

About virtual bingo

  • Virtual bingo consists of fixed-odds, computerised games with an interface based on live bingo.
  • In these games, you are playing alone – a computer generates a virtual ticket and then randomly draws numbers until you win or a time limit elapses.

Social bingo

The presence of bingo games on social media is a modern innovation that has gained immense popularity, providing all the features of a bingo client in free and real-cash variants.

  • Playing bingo on social media is, in some respects, more akin to playing a video game than live bingo, with customisable avatars and ‘power-ups’ available that can help give users an edge.
  • While some bingo games on social platforms play similarly to bingo clients on gambling websites, many are essentially ‘free’ and are monetised with ‘micro-transactions’ wherein players buy, collect and share virtual items and power-ups.

The right bingo clients

Play bingo your way with our experts’ favourite bingo clients.

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