How to play bingo

Learn how to play modern bingo – with bigger jackpots and even more ways to play.

A number of live and online gambling operators have given Britain’s favourite game a much-needed shot in the arm with mobile play, social media integration and linked jackpots. Our straightforward bingo guide will run through everything you need to know to get the most out of bingo, on and offline.

How to play

Whether played live in a bingo hall or via the internet, the rules of bingo are much the same.

Buy a ticket

A bingo ticket is a grid containing rows and columns. In traditional 90-ball bingo, a ticket contains 27 squares made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blanks, while a total of 15 numbers appear on every ticket.

Numbers called

In a bingo hall, the ‘caller’ reads out numbers randomly selected via a draw. In virtual bingo games, a random generator produces the numbers. Players cross or circle numbers on their slips when they are announced.


Depending on the bingo variant you are playing, you will win when you complete certain conditions on your ticket (see below). In a bingo hall, you must verbally announce your win (traditionally by shouting ‘bingo!’, or "house!" or "line!" depending on the game and/or the venue). In virtual games, your win is automatically announced by the virtual interface.

Winning tickets

Different bingo variants require different conditions to be met on your bingo ticket, meaning there are numerous ways to win a game of bingo.


Playing for lines means you will win if you are the first to complete a set number of rows and columns – 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo.

4 corners

To win, you must mark off the numbers in the four corners of your ticket – 80-ball bingo.

Middle Squares

Winning tickets complete the four middle squares of a 4×4 grid – 80-ball bingo.


Competing for the house means being the first to mark off all numbers on your ticket. In some instances, house games will be community-based. Most progressive jackpots must be claimed with a house.

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