Mobile bingo

Access top bingo clients directly from your mobile device.

A major factor in bingo’s explosive popularity over the past several years has been its success on mobile platforms. Today, millions of gamblers access their favourite bingo clients, participate in communities and – of course – play bingo via their smart devices.

What is mobile bingo?

Mobile bingo is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where tens of millions of pounds are gambled annually via mobile-optimised bingo clients and dedicated bingo apps. Of course, many players also choose to access social bingo games on their phones and tablets, forming another contributory market.

Bingo on mobile devices

There are two types of bingo for mobile devices. There are bespoke bingo games which act like online slots but with bingo as a theme, and traditional bingo hall games where you compete against other players in order to become the first to complete a line, two lines, or a full house. Bespoke bingo games are very difficult to locate when it comes to smart-phones and tablets, and are a poor substitute for the real thing. Bingo hall games are much easier to locate, and offer a great deal more in terms of enjoyment and excitement.

Bingo games can be found at dedicated bingo-only gambling portals, and some online casinos, such as William Hill and Ladbrokes. The general rule seems to be the bigger the name, the bigger the game, so when it comes to finding a mobile bingo bonanza, sticking to names you'll already be familiar with is not such a bad idea.

How to play bingo on mobile devices

In truth, bingo is such a simple (and fun!) game, porting it to mobile devices was never going to be a programming hardship. Do not expect super sexy graphics though. As bingo in real-world bingo halls is played with paper and a dabber, the interfaces created for use in this game reflect bingo's unchallenging nature.

To play bingo, you just need to log in to your selected bingo client, and head down to the bingo lobby. From there, you'll be given an idea of the games available. Just as a reminder, there are three main varieties of bingo to choose from:

  • 90-ball bingo: The traditional form played in the UK. You receive a card containing three rows of five numbers, and the balls drawn are numbered from 1 to 90.
  • 80-ball bingo: The 'seaside arcade' form of bingo. You have 16 numbers arranged in a 4×4 square, and the balls drawn are from 1 to 80. Cards can be sold in sets of five, so all 80 possible numbers are covered.
  • 75-ball bingo: The form of bingo popular in the US. Cards have numbers in a 5×5 square with a 'freebie' square dead centre. The balls are drawn from 1 to 75. Cards usually come in sets of three, so all 75 numbers are catered for.

The lobby will give you a list of games available, how close they are to starting, how big the current prize fund is, and how much a ticket costs. You can buy multiple tickets for a single game up to the limit specified.

Once you've decided on the room you wish to join and have made your purchase, you can enter the virtual bingo hall. Depending on whether you are playing on a smart-phone or tablet, a number (or all) of your cards will be displayed on your screen. The card is marked automatically for you, so during the course of play the card that's currently performing best for you will 'float' naturally to the top of the screen.

Again, depending on the bingo room you've joined and the available display space, you may have a chat window as part of your screen. Here the announcer will announce the balls as they are drawn, and in some rooms they will keep you up to date with how everyone is doing. Also, in some rooms you will be able to chat to the caller and to your new bingo buddies. Remember that if you do chat, you need to behave. Your messages are likely to be screened before they are posted anyhow, and if you are abusive or otherwise unpleasant your chat will be disabled, and in extreme cases your account could be terminated and even your ip address banned.

Most bingo games will have multiple prizes. For example, in 90-ball bingo there are usually prizes for the first player to land a complete line, the first to land two lines and the first to complete their entire card. There's no issue at all with players winning two or even all three prizes.

As bingo is largely an automated game, if you happen to lose your connection while you are playing you will not lose your place in the bingo room. Your card will be completed for you while you are disconnected, and if you are lucky enough to win (but unlucky enough not to be present at your victory) your bankroll will be boosted by your beneficial bingo bonanza.

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Operating systems and platforms

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