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Mini Baccarat

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The Swedish software developers Play'n GO have yet to hit the big time when it comes to casino software development. This is a bit of a shame, as all their games tend to be very nicely developed, play well and look great. Mini Baccarat is another wonderful example of this.

We're not really sure what's 'mini' about this game though. In real world casino terms, 'mini' baccarat is usually offered as a gambling option for players who simply want to play baccarat but not at the high stakes usually associated with the game. You can also 'dress casual' while playing mini baccarat - high roller baccarat players expect people at the table to adhere to strict dress codes.

In this version of the game by Play'n GO, there are only three bets you can make - player, banker or tie. Player and banker bets pay evens - aside from the five percent commission taken off bets made on the banker. A tie pays 8-1 here, which is about average but we have seen other baccarat games that pay 9-1.

You bet by selecting your chip size and then placing them in one of the three betting circles, depending on how you wish to bet. When you've made your selection, hit 'deal'. The dealer of course plays both hands, and the object of the game is to score as close to nine as possible. Each player receives two cards initially, and then a third is added depending on the total of the two. Once the deal is complete the winner is announced and you win chips or lose them depending on your bet.

This game has some oddities. Firstly, among the stats listed at the bottom of the screen are the number of 'banker pairs' and 'player pairs' dealt. This is where the banker or player is dealt a pair. Some games of baccarat allow you a side bet on this happening, but this game doesn't, so why is it included?

There is a 'bead road' display in the bottom left hand corner of the screen that lists the results of the last forty-eight hands dealt. You can turn this off, as well as the commentary on each hand that's provided by a female voice. You also have two game speeds - fast and slow.


There's not really a lot else to say. The graphics and animation in this game are perfectly acceptable and pleasingly smooth. We're still not sure what purpose the info about the amount of banker and player pairs serves, though - maybe it's to encourage you to play a different version of baccarat where such bets are available (hint: side bets in baccarat are hardly ever worth taking).

If you're a low rolling baccarat player, then this version of baccarat is certainly as good as any!

Sounds good, let me play!

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