Baccarat Gold

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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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This is a slightly odd and involved version of baccarat with several quirks, and with extra side bets.

This game begins with a little bit of fanfare. The cards are animated so they appear on the table spread out, then they are shuffled before being despatched to the shoe.

Your chip values are 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200. You just click on the areas of the board you want to wager on to lay your bets. The baccarat gaming table itself has been designed in an oriental fashion – marking, no doubt, this game’s popularity in Asian markets.

Hit the deal button to start the game. Unusually, the ‘Player’ cards are dealt to you. You can even play with them, if you want – squeezing and rotating them. Once you’ve flipped them both over, they return to the banker. The banker’s hand is revealed, and if you wagered correctly, your winnings are delivered.

The normal bets are available: Player (evens), Banker (19-20) and tie (8-1 in this game). There are also some side bets:

  • Banker pair bet: bet that the banker will be dealt a pair
  • Player pair bet: bet that the player will be dealt a pair

The gaming table has ten positions in which you can place bets. You cannot bet on the player and the banker in the same deal, though, although you can bet on either the player or the banker and a tie.

You can keep tabs on the cards with the history recorder on the left which records the last one hundred hands. The ‘roadmap’ screen is slip into four sections and records details as well but in more detail so you can see if any trends are active.

Eight decks are used in this game, and the house edge is 1.06 percent (banker) and 1.24 (player). The house edge is over ten percent for tie and pairs bets.

This is very nice-looking game that has been designed thoughtfully, and definitely with Asian casino players in mind. The extra bits of animation do seem a little superfluous though, and it’s hard to see – beyond novelty value – what the ability to squeeze, rotate and flip the player’s cards brings to the table as it doesn’t affect the outcome at all. Also, 8-1 on a tie is lower than the 9-1 offered by most online baccarat games. Does ‘Baccarat Gold’ deserve ‘Gold’ status? We think not, but we think it deserves a place on the podium.


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