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The latest upgrades in mobile and iGaming technology have made it possible to bring high-quality baccarat to a range of mobile devices. This incredible achievement means you can experience all the baccarat entertainment you desire at any time.

What is mobile baccarat?

Mobile gambling has totally revolutionised the way we play. It is estimated that around $10 billion is wagered through mobile platforms every year.

Baccarat on mobile devices

Baccarat is quite an easy game to port to mobile devices, as there is very little action, and there's a maximum number of six cards that can be dealt throughout a single round. Despite this, there are not a huge amount of options for Baccarat players who prefer to wager 'on the go' to take advantage of. Many software houses simply do not provide a mobile verion of baccarat, concentrating on the 'big three' of online slots, roulette and blackjack.

With a little detective work you should be able to find a mobile-friendly baccarat provider. There are even a few online casino sites where you can play baccarat with live dealers.

As technology has moved on, mobile baccarat has become more popular. As outlined in the previous lessons, it's not too difficult a game to play although lots of players have difficulty in getting their heads around the third-card rules. Baccarat is a 'battle' between two hands, both of them attempting to score as close to nine as they can. You, as the 'player', can either gamble on the 'punto' (player) hand or the 'banco' (banker) hand. As the 'banco' plays second, it has a slight advantage, so you win slightly more if you bet on the 'punto'.

How to play baccarat on a mobile device

The most difficult aspect of playing baccarat on a mobile device is finding an online casino that offers baccarat as an option. There are usually two types of software available – a downloadable app, or a browser-based app that you can play on your smart-phone or tablet via a browser.

Most casinos are now taking advantage of HTML5-based technology and using the latter option. These games don't require a specific download and installation, so they won't eat up so many precious bytes on your device's memory card. It's probably best to 'experiment' with a browser-based version of the software before you download a dedicated app.

You won't be too surprised to learn that both iOS and Android systems are very well-covered when it comes to mobile playing options. Apple will allow gambling apps to be hosted at iTunes, but Android users will not find gambling apps available at Google Play, due to Google's restrictions. You will need to download and install an apk (Android package) file from a different software source.

If you use a Windows Phone or BlackBerry then your chances of playing baccarat on your device are practically zero. Your best bet is to find a site which offers a mobile version of baccarat as an in-browser option. Your browser on your Windows Phone or Blackberry should be able to cope with a browser-based site as long as it is written in HTML5.

The app you use to play baccarat is unlikely to be too technical. You start the game as you would any other game of baccarat – by betting on the player, banker or tie (or multiply combinations thereof). Two cards are dealt face up to each player, and then a third card to the player's hand and then the banker's hand if it qualifies for one.

The deal is over in a matter of a few seconds and the software will announce whether you have won or lost.

Because baccarat is such an 'automated' game you barely have anything to fear when it comes to disconnections. If you do lose your connection during a hand, the game will simply pause until you are back up and running. If you cannot re-connect, then the hand will simply play out as if you were present, and your bankroll adjusted accordingly.

There are multiple versions of baccarat available online, but via mobile you'll find you will be restricted to the basic, 'punto banco' version which typically uses between six and eight decks.

Live baccarat mobile games

Despite being relegated to a distant third place in the casino table games stakes (and even then with Casino Hold'em nipping at its toes), 'live dealer' casino baccarat is extremely popular, especially with high rollers.

A handful of online casinos do allow you to play with live dealers on your mobile device, such as the live casinos presented by BetFred and William Hill. It's best to make sure you have a dedicated Wi-Fi connection to your phone if you are playing at a live casino. Video-streaming requires a decent amount of bandwidth, and you will find yourself kicked from the table if you are constantly lagging or being disconnected.

While less popular than slots, roulette and blackjack, baccarat is gaining a keen following from gamblers who appreciate its class, simplicity and favourable house edge. A number of live games have also been optimised for mobile devices, providing authentic baccarat action in the palm of your hand.

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Operating systems and platforms

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