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Todito Card or Todito Cash is the main deposit method used by people making eWallet-style online purchases in Mexico, and is only available in that country.

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About Todito Card

Todito Card and Todito Cash are provided by Todito, the main distributor of prepaid communication services to the Mexican-facing market. They are the leaders in prepaid internet access dial-up services and prepaid long distance phone call cards.

In addition, with over sixty affiliated sites all over the world wide web, people can use the Todito Card as a means of payment for online purchases – both items and services. The Todito Card is particularly popular with younger customers.

Todito was founded in 1999 and is owned by the CNCI University in Mexico City. The company was established to provide prepaid communication services (telephone and internet) to the Mexican market. The company has established itself as the leading provider of such services in Mexico, and Todito Cards are sold in over 50,000 outlets all over the country.

According to the Toditro website, the company's vision is 'the total satisfaction of our customers and users.'

Using a Todito Card

You can buy a Todito Card from any one of over 50,000 outlets from all over Mexico, or you can order a card online and have it sent to your home address. The Todito Card is a multi-functional card as it allows you to make long-distance phone calls, obtain internet access and make online purchases. You can buy the card in $50, $100 and $150 denominations, and the more you spend the better value you receive in regards to phone minutes and internet access. You can only use the card for dial-up internet access, not broadband.

Once you have obtained a Todito Card you can activate it online. You need to open a Todito Cash account in order to do so, which is easy to do via the company's site and is free of charge. Once you have done that you can then tie the card into your account so you will be able to manage it online.

You can also top up your Todito Card via the Todito site. You simply add funds to your account via online banking, credit cards or debit cards. This money is then transferred to your Todito Card.

You generally have 30 days (for the $50 card) or 60 days (for the $100 and $150 card) to use your card, although you can apply for an unlimited use card via your account. You must also use your Todito account at least once every 90 days, else it is deleted.

To use your Todito Card at an online casino, you simply enter the details of your card when you choose 'Todito Card' as your payment method. The amount you deposit into your casino is then removed from your card account, so you must have sufficient funds in your account to cover the transfer.

You cannot use a Todito Card as a withdrawal option. Todito Cards are very strictly deposit-only.


Currently, Todito Card is only available in Mexico.

The majority of online casinos operate via licenses acquired in Malta, Curacao and Gibraltar. This enables them to accept the Todito Card as a potential funding method. Only a handful of online casinos accept Todito cards, and only those that allow Mexican players to register at their site.

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