Online casinos that accept Mastercard

Mastercard needs no introduction. If you have ever been inside a shop before, you will likely have seen the red and yellow circles that make up the Mastercard logo. Alongside Visa, it is one of the leading credit card service providers in the world and the large majority of online casinos accept this method as a way to pay.

The right casinos to play with Mastercard payment options!

Here is a break down of what each casino that offers Mastercard as a payment option can provide you with:

About Mastercard

Mastercard was founded in 1966 and has been a trusted, recognised brand pretty much since then. Businesses, retailers, consumers and even governments and the public sector use Mastercard’s services, which we consider high praise indeed for any service provider. Mastercard also has a philanthropic slant, giving back to the community and championing environmentally sustainable practice. It’s nice to see a big company try to do good in the world.

There are three types of cards that fall under the Mastercard umbrella and you can use any of them to pay at an online casino. The first type is probably the most recognisable – the credit card. There are various types of credit cards available, with different perks attached to them, but even the bog-standard credit card comes with zero liability protection, protection against identity theft and extended warranty.

The credit card comes with interest as well as payment terms, which are determined by the bank that supplies the card. Credit card users should be aware of their payment obligations to make sure they do not fall behind and risk sanctions from their bank and a ding on their credit history.

The Mastercard debit card is very similar to the credit card and can be used in exactly the same way. The main difference is that the debit card draws on funds that are available in a bank account i.e. not on credit. It acts as a regular bank card but gives the protections and convenience associated with credit cards.

Both credit and debit cards are issued through a bank, which will take care of all the paperwork, set the terms for credit card use and so on. Applying for a Mastercard is free though users should be aware that late fees, exchange fees (when using in different currencies), and ATM withdrawal charges might apply. As always, read those terms and conditions properly!

Mastercard also offers prepaid cards, with the option of reloading. Prepaid cards carry a set balance which can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted and behaves much like a debit card. These are often given as gifts because they are a convenient way to pay that the recipient can use as they wish.

Prepaid cards can be purchased in certain places like shops and banks. Some cards have the rePower logo on the back, which means the card can be topped up multiple times. Cards that do not have this logo will not be able to accept a balance top up and so are basically useless once the balance is drained.

With all these options available, Mastercard is an excellent choice for casino players, many of whom may already have a Mastercard in their wallet.

Using Mastercard at an online casino

Once in possession of a Mastercard (credit, debit or prepaid), depositing at an online casino is a breeze. Indeed it’s usually the option listed way at the top of the list of accepted payment methods so you don’t even need to look very hard.

When prompted, input your personal details, card number and the 3-digit security code at the back of the card. The transfer should take place within a few minutes. The same procedure applies when making a withdrawal, though remember that if the casino requires KYC documents, those will take some time to process.


Mastercard is one of the most secure payment methods on the planet. It is accepted in some 210 countries in over 150 currencies. Pretty much all ATMs, retailers and online stores will accept Mastercard as a way to pay and its robust system of user protections mean you can use Mastercard at online casinos with confidence.

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