Nottingham casinos

What are the chances of the city’s gambling houses Robin you blind?

Few cities have quite such a reputation for robbing the rich as Nottingham. While the erstwhile home of Brian Clough still has a sheriff, it’s been a while since the world’s most famous outlaw shuffled off this mortal coil. In his place stand a trio of casinos keen to get hold of your cash but determined to give you an entertaining evening in return.

As local residents are split between supporting Forest and County, so one’s allegiance to Nottingham’s casinos may well depend on your gambling preferences. Certainly, the fact that the local Genting doesn’t possess a poker room will put off a fair number of people. Still, this is a pretty impressive trio of venues overall, so whichever one you visit should provide a quality gaming experience.

Aside from her football teams, Nottingham’s sports culture extends to a race course, a greyhound track and Trent Bridge, one of the country’s nine test match venues. If there’s a big game in town and you can’t gain admittance, the gaming venues are in excellent shape to make up for said disappointment.

Satellite sports coverage aside, Nottingham’s establishments seem as keen to cater to non-gamblers as those who enjoy a bit of Blackjack or a stay at the slots. Okay, so you might come away a few quid lighter, but we’re certain that, after a night out at Nottingham’s gaming houses, you’ll be a very merry man or woman indeed.