Liverpool casinos

The city might run blue and red but what are you to do if red and black’s more your bag?

It’s funny the bad things people have to say about Liverpool. It’s funnier still that most of the people who say them have never visited the city.

Those who have explored the north-west tend to return with tales of how great a place it is to go out in. And thanks to its thriving casino scene, Liverpool’s reputation for excellent nightlife looks certain to grow and grow.

Like with other UK cities, Genting venues dominate the landscape. However, with two of Merseyside’s best casinos located on the Wirral, it’s the adventurous soul who’s bound to have the very best time in the place that gave the world Lennon & McCartney, Cilla Black and Alexei Sayle.

Of course, you might like to combine a casino break with a weekend at Aintree races. The sport-friendly gambler could also do a lot worse than take in a game at any of city’s three football teams. Liverpool also has a very fine boxing heritage so there’s a fight night to be enjoyed most weekends, too.

As its casinos are a match for the country’s finest gaming houses, so Liverpool itself confounds all and any expectations you might have of it. Think you’ll know what to expect on the back of Brookside, The Boys From The Blackstuff and those – admittedly excellent – Harry Enfield sketches? Get ready to think again.