Leeds casinos

Where does England’s third-largest city stand on the betting front?

“Dirty Leeds!” It’s a cry that will be familiar to many a football fan. But as the city is in far, far better shape than its underachieving side, so there’s nothing the least bit grim about Leeds’ remaining casinos.

What is undeniably unfortunate is the limited choice now available to Yorkshire casino-goers. In recent years, both the Alea and the Coral establishments have closed down, leaving punters with just two-and-a-half venues to choose between. (We’ll explain more about the half in the Grosvenor Electric entry.)

In lieu of variety stand a pair of very impressive facilities, one an independent venue with a look and feel all of its own, the other a combination of casino of the future and chain venue par excellence. That even with so little on the menu you should still be able to find something to suit your taste says a lot for the venues and their desire to placate every gambling palate to the best of their ability.

Still, it’s a shame that a city that’s in such good nick as Leeds can only offer up two casinos. Having given the world Ernie Wise, Nicola Adams, Marco Pierre White and, er, Alex Zane, it’s one of the true jewels in the kingdom’s crown. How sad then that, while the casinos it has got are very respectable, a bona fide casino scene is absent. Such an oversight serves to stain ‘dirty’ Leeds’ otherwise impeccable reputation.