Glasgow casinos

The rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh can be as fierce as the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers. Since the two great cities of Scotland bicker over everything, it’s safe to assume their respective gambling communities dispute the relative merits of one another’s casinos.

So which is superior? It’s hard to say. If it’s a numbers game, then the two are all tied-up at three casinos apiece. If Glasgow has the edge over the capital, it’s because, while all of Edinburgh’s venues belong to the Genting chain, the Clydesiders have three very different facilities at their disposal.

Not only that but, in the Corinthian Club, the hometown of Billy Connolly and Sir Alex Ferguson can lay claim to an establishment to rival any entertainment complex of its size anywhere in the United Kingdom.

For a city that didn’t used to be recognised for its beauty, the attractiveness of Glasgow’s venues ought also to be mentioned. The Alea in particular, what with its wonderful Clydeside setting, is an establishment to reckon with.

Glasgow’s gritty industrial past is exactly that. Its stylish future is neatly signposted by its trio of world-class casinos.