Dublin casinos

Where best to experience the luck of the Irish.

Of the 12 casinos in the Republic of Ireland, seven of them are to be found in Dublin. Go expecting the sort of venues you find in the UK and you might return disappointed. Give yourself over to the charm of Ireland and its gaming houses, however, and you’re sure of an entertaining time.

First, it’s worth pointing out some of the ways in which Dublin’s casinos differ from their UK equivalents. Arguably the biggest difference of all is the fact that all casinos in Ireland are ‘members only’ facilities. Not only that, but at some establishments membership can cost around 25 euros.

It’s also worth noting that, since Ireland is rather more serious about the issue of religion, it’s not uncommon for casinos to close on Sundays. In fact, opening hours in general on the other side of the Irish Sea are much shorter than they are in Great Britain.

Don’t get the idea that the Irish are killjoys when it comes to gambling, however. As anyone who’s ever gone racing will tell you, the Irish love a punt and if you don’t find a casino in Dublin that suits your taste, the people at Leopardstown and Naas race courses will be only too happy to relieve you of your money. Meanwhile, the city’s reputation as something of a sporting mecca makes it a great place to watch – and bet on- everything from Gaelic football and hurling to rugby union, boxing and MMA.

So, providing you’re not expecting to chance upon a Grosvenor G or a Genting Club, you should have a lovely time by the Liffey.