Our Voice

RightCasino strives for versatile content and an appropriate editorial voice.

Our content has to cover a lot of ground. On-site alone, we have casino reviews, news, entertainment pieces and educational material. On top of that, we must cater for our various social channels. This means employing a few different voices, which all uphold our general standards of quality.

It’s certainly no mean feat.

Different brands have different voices, tailored to the requirements of their niches. Some write with a uniform voice across all their channels, others utilise a range of writers and editors with distinctive styles of their own.

At RightCasino, we make the best of both worlds. For most of our ‘neutral’ on-site content (reviews, site copy and news reports) and on social media, we write with a single brand identity. However, our staff writers and guest contributors receive by-lines for features and entertainment pieces, through which they express their own opinions.

On this page, we will explain how our voice is adapted to different types of content.

The company voice

The vast majority of content produced by RightCasino.com is written in our company editorial style; in plural, under the brand identity ‘RightCasino.’

This style has the following characteristics:

  • It is neutral, straightforward and non-partisan.
  • It does not express the view of any one individual but represents a company consensus.
  • It is readable and authoritative.

This voice is used in most of our site copy and reflects our general brand ethos of transparency, presenting the facts with as little embellishment as possible. This voice is used in the following contexts:

  • Casino reviews
  • On-site information pages
  • Industry news reports

The company voice on social media

On our various social media accounts, we also tend to write under our brand name. However, we are generally more light-hearted, though we try not to come across as silly. When interacting with our followers, we enjoy a little banter, but are as direct as possible when it comes to serious enquiries.


When advertising promotions from our casino partners, we optimise our content to capture users’ attention. This marketing style is also written under our brand name, but is less neutral than the rest of our on-site copy.

Our marketing voice can be found in our News section under the subsection, Promotions and on our Challenge the Experts page. Promotional material on social media is also composed in this style.


While our staff writers collaborate on our on-site content, they also write material for our News section under their own by-lines. Features, editorials, entertainment pieces and op-eds are written in the first-person voice of their authors, who receive individual credit for the post.

We also invite guest-writers to provide submissions for our News section. Again, these contributors write under their own by-lines, in their own voices. In this way, we aim to create the sense of dialogue between multiple perspectives.

Many voices, one mind

Our editorial style combines a unified brand identity with the unique voices of our writing team and guest contributors. In this way, we serve as a hub for multiple viewpoints while also retaining an authoritative company voice.

While all of our content creators have individual perspectives on the online gambling world - with unique specialisms, strengths and interests – they all pool their resources into a single mouthpiece: RightCasino.