About RightCasino

Welcome to RightCasino, finding great online casinos can be a confusing business, with so many websites vying for your attention. How do you know which sites are safe? Which will provide you with the games and services you want?

What we do

We understand these problems at RightCasino, which is why we aim to help players find their perfect casino website as quickly and simply as possible.

We  run recommendation lists on the best online casinos for UK players from our own experiences of having played at them as well as the feedback received from players.

Our mission

We believe there is a right casino for everyone. We also believe that online gambling should be fun, friendly and (most importantly) safe for every player.

We provide a number of services to help our users get the best experience out of online gambling:

  • A unique, user-friendly casino finder.
  • Honest and impartial online casino reviews. No ads, just the facts.
  • Helpful advice for players of all levels of experience.
  • An emphasis on player security and responsible gambling.


Online gambling has come a long way and RightCasino is looking forward to the future! Scroll to find out how we came to be …


1994 – Origins of online gambling.

The licensing authority of Antigua and Barbuda passes the Free Trade & Processing Act, allowing licenses to be granted to online casino websites. This is the birth of the online casino industry.


1996 – First online casinos emerge.

Microgaming and Cryptologic develop the first, fully functional gambling software in the Isle of Mann. Also, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is established, regulating online gaming activity to ensure transparency and fairness.


1997 – The industry gains momentum.

Online gambling gains popularity – there are now around 200 active online casinos.


2001 – Bookies join the fun!

The industry continues to grow. There are an estimated 8 million online players worldwide. Meanwhile, land-based bookmakers and casinos are applying for licenses to bring their services to the web.


2005 – Gambling on the go.

Mobile casinos began to take off, meaning that gamblers are able to play on the move.


2008 – Reaching saturation point…

The total value of the online gambling market is estimated at $21 billion. Times are good, but the market is flooded and players are starting to feel overwhelmed by the number of casinos available. There are also plenty of dodgy spam-sites clogging up the scene.


2009 – The birth of Right Casino Media.

A team of casino experts launch a number of successful online gambling guides to help players learn about web-based casinos and navigate the crowded market. Right Casino Media is born.


2012 – An idea forms…

After years of experience in the online gaming scene, Right Casino Media identifies many problems within the industry. The team develops the concept for a free, user-friendly casino comparison service to help players make informed decisions about where to play.


2013 – RightCasino.com enters development in Q3.


2014 – Right Casino launch!

In March the website is launched! Players can now quickly and easily locate their right casino, tailored specifically to their needs.

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