Aces & Eights (Realtime Gaming)
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Aces & Eights (Realtime Gaming)

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The first question that needs to be asked here is 'why aces and eights' ? Surely aces and kings would be more logical, or even aces and deuces?

For the answer we have to go back to 1876 BVP (before video poker) to Nuttal & Mann's Saloon in Deadwood, Dakota. James 'Wild Bill' Hickok was enjoying a diet lemonade and a game of draw poker when his afternoon was spoilt by the bullet he received in the back of his head. The bullet was fired by Jack McCall who'd just lost most of his cash to Wild Bill the previous day playing poker. Wild Bill had the last laugh though, albeit from beyond the grave - Jack McCall was hung for the murder.

According to legend, the hand Wild Bill held when he was given the ultimate headache cure was a pair of black eights, a pair of black aces, and an unknown kicker. Hence 'Aces and Eights'. Wild Bill's final hand become known as the 'Dead Man's Hand'.

The payouts for this game are as follows:

Jacks or Better x1
Two Pair x2
Three of a Kind x3
Straight x4
Flush x5
Full House x7
'Other' Four of a Kind x25
Four Sevens x50
Four Aces or Eights x80
Straight Flush x50
Royal Flush


*The x800 value is only available if you bet at the highest level.

Playing this game is extremely easy. Just select your bet size from 0.05 to 5.00, and the number of coins you want to play with from one to five. To minimise the house edge it's best to play with five. Hit the 'deal' button to receive your cards, and then click on them individually to hold them. Click 'draw' to receive your final hand.

You can gamble any wins. You have to beat the dealer's card, and you can select from four cards in order to do so. If you are succesful, you can gamble your winnings again, or collect.


Graphics-wise, this is about as basic a game as you can get, but graphical sophistication is hardly the point when it comes to video poker - it's all about dealing and drawing the cards at an energetic pace.

There's no real advantage to the bonus payouts for four aces, eights or sevens, as other payouts are decreased to compensate, but it at least means this game brings something a little different to the table other than the standard 'Jacks or Better'. You might even draw the dead man's hand, although your chances of sharing Wild Bill's fate are minimal, it has to be said.

Sounds good, let me play!

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