Our business model

At RightCasino, we think it’s important to be transparent about how we conduct our business.

As veterans of the online casino sector, we have encountered a lot of problems with internet gambling in the past. However, we are committed to a brighter future for our industry. In aid of this goal, we make the following pledges to our users:

  1. We will never charge players for any of our services.
  2. We promise all of the information on this website is accurate, unbiased and well-sourced.
  3. We will not publish bogus ‘strategy guides’ for fixed-odds games like roulette.
  4. We make sure every casino represented on our website is legitimate according to local jurisdiction.
  5. We do not single out casinos for special treatment in return for paying us a better commission. Everyone gets the same treatment.
  6. We provide casino reviews, not adverts.
  7. We do not display banners or similar advertisements on RightCasino.
  8. We only tell you the truth about online gambling. Guaranteed.

How we make our money

RightCasino operates on an 'affiliate business model’. This means that gambling operators pay us a fixed subscription fee to appear in our listings. Additionally, we receive a percentage of any money our casino partners make from players who register accounts through RightCasino.

Special links on RightCasino (called ‘go links’) are used to send players to online casinos. These links are usually green and contain the following extension: go/casino/. We and our casino partners can track the players who click these links, which allows us to claim our commission after new customers start playing.

A better class of affiliate

RightCasino represents a new form of casino affiliation; bringing the market comparison model from the travel and insurance sectors to the online gambling industry.

Historically, casino affiliates have gained a slightly unsavoury reputation. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, they are often low-quality websites with poor content and subpar design. Secondly, they tend to be stuffed with ads. Finally, they generally promote casinos more aggressively if casino managers pay the affiliate a higher commission.

Casino ‘reviews’ on most other affiliate sites are little more than advertisements, providing a glowing appraisal of all their casino partners irrespective of their actual quality. This makes sense from a business perspective (in the short term), but is useless to players as they receive biased information about the best places to gamble.

We take pride in our sophisticated, user-friendly website; we do not host banner ads and only provide factual information about our casino partners. In this way, the casinos that receive the highest ratings are (in our opinion) deserving of their prominent position on our website.

Our reviews

Our casino experts only provide honest and fair assessments of online casinos in our reviews. To help ensure impartiality, most of the information in our reviews is presented numerically (the numbers don’t lie!)

We are up-front with any casino brands looking to appear on our site to ensure that they understand and are co-operative with our business model.

How we create our reviews

New casinos must fill in a registration form to appear on RightCasino, in which they provide most of the information that appears in our reviews (languages, bonus amounts, game types, accepted payment methods etc.)

After registration is completed, our casino experts perform a fact check on all of the information provided and assess the applicant’s casino brand for inclusion. We consider security and legitimacy to be of utmost importance, meaning we will immediately reject any brand that does not display proper licensing information or has a known history of fraud/player exploitation.

Secondarily, we rate casinos according to ten main criteria:

  • Safety & security
  • Customer support
  • Gameplay
  • Product variety
  • Software
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Banking
  • Design and usability
  • Device compatibility
  • Regional availability

Each of these criteria is allocated a rating out of ten, which are combined into an overall rating for that casino. These numbers are then plugged into our smart casino finder and used to help order our featured casinos.

We will not generally reject a casino for inclusion unless its operation is unlicensed or overtly fraudulent. However, we will not shy away from criticising aspects of a brand that we feel are not up to scratch.

Following our assessment, we will contact the casino applicant and inform them as to whether they have been accepted. If so, our review will be made live following confirmation of a one-off subscription fee.

Why casino comparison?

The filtering and sorting system used on RightCasino is designed to help you locate the right casino for you as efficiently as possible.

After entering all of your needs and requirements, our smart casino finder tots up the numbers and orders our casino partners based on two factors: the data entered by the user and our expert reviews.

After deciding which casinos are the best match for you, our casino finder will defer to our expert reviews if the case of multiple matches. So if several casinos are equally appropriate for your needs as a player, the casino with the highest overall score will be placed in the top position. You can also use our advanced filtering system to order our casinos according to individual criteria.

In this way, your interests are put first, while our expert scores are used to help inform your decision about where to play. This places the user in the driver’s seat.

Everything you need to know

Our dedication to honesty doesn’t end with our reviews. We also maintain an extensive ‘Learn’ section, in which we provide useful information with relevance to all gamblers.

This section provides a run-down of playing safely and responsibly, managing a bankroll and understanding bonuses, in addition to an overview of the institutions and authorities that represent the interests of players.

Unlike similar sections on other gambling websites, this section does not claim to help you win and we do not publish dubious strategy guides. However, we do offer all the knowledge you require to have fun and stay safe when gambling online.

Good news!

While we have an obligation to our client websites to advertise new promotions through our News section, its primary purpose is to provide gambling enthusiasts with a superior hub for international gambling updates.

Part of our business plan involves keeping our users in the know about the latest developments in the gambling world; on and offline. We firmly believed that it is in the interests of our industry to keep players well-informed.

We also strive to create an open dialogue with authority figures from in and outside the gambling sector, thus offering fresh perspectives on our niche. Therefore, we regularly invite experts with interesting (even controversial) opinions on commercial gambling to chat with us about the state of the industry.

However, we also like to pepper our News section with entertainment pieces and gossip to keep things interesting!

Your voice

Aside from experts and industry insiders, we also like to get the viewpoints of players. This is why we encourage users to comment on their casino experiences in our reviews.

We also welcome guest contributions from casino enthusiasts in our News section. If you have an opinion about any aspect of gambling (or a hilarious bit of gambling-related content that you’re itching to share with the world), why not send it our way?

The grand plan

This might sound very unorthodox: a marketing brand with the capacity to criticise its clients? Madness! However, we feel that the future of online gambling depends on this kind of transparency, from all parties.

The prominence of casinos represented on RightCasino is entirely controlled by their overall rating. We hope to encourage our casino partners to improve their products and services in order to climb the rankings, thus ensuring a better placement and more paying customers for them, a bigger commission for us and an improved experience for gamblers, so everybody wins!

Everything we do on RightCasino places the interests of players at the forefront. Above all, we exist to help you get the most from online gambling. As our list of casino partners grows over time, it is our hope that more gambling brands will come around to our way of thinking, resulting in a fun, fair and honest gaming environment for every player.

This is our ultimate ambition, which begins with helping you find your right casino.